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Umme-Haani [ra] and Mairaj Scam!
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Sunday, 12 August 2018, 9:14 pm

Hadith of Miraaj is that the most outrageous forged hadith which turned the table of DEEN Islam at 180 degree, and converted DEEN Islam into a religion of criminal Mullahs and Imams. (Deen=Divinely prescribed System of life)


This is a famous story, that the night the PROPHET(S.A.) was taken on MAIRAJ, he
was staying in the house of UMME-HAANI(Rd), although AL-QURAN is exclaiming:
"PIOUS is the personality which took its servant within a night, from MASJIDIL

The statement of the PROPHET(S.A.) quoted in SAHEEH MUSLIM and SAHEEH
SASA is, "I was in the house of ALLAH and I was in HATEEM, but our scholars continue
telling us, from the pulpit and writing in their books and articles that MAIRAJ occurred from
the house of UMME-HAANI(Rd). It is strange that those scholars also, who could look into
QURAN and HADITH, kept themselves associated with this narrative (RIVAYAT). Some
even elaborated that UMME-HAANI's house was situated in HATEEM although no house
was ever situated there. And MOULVI EHTISHAMUL HAQUE THANVI of Pakistan did a
wonderful thing. He mentioned in various articles published in the Daily JANG (Karachi), that
the PROPHET(S.A.) was lying in the house of UMME-HAANI(Rd), that two Angels came.
They tore open the roof of the house and lifted up the PROPHET(S.A,) to KABA. This
method was adopted to avoid an objection, on the basis of AL-QURAN, and keep intact the
relationship with UMME-HAANI(Rd). Although these words of SAHEEH BUKHARI and
SAHEEH MUSLIM were enough to answer them, that, 'I was in the House of ALLAH', But
since the myth of UMME-HAANI(Rd) was in the minds, the Angels had to be taught the skill
of opening the roof. We shall, put forth the objective we have, on this incident later. Let us
first see the findings of the LATE SYED SULAIMAN NADVI:
"In some of the second rate books of traditions and history, UMME-HAANI(Rd) has
been quoted to say "The PROPHET (S.A.) had his MAIRAJ from my house". UMMEHAANI's(
Rd) house was situated in SHAIBE ABI-TAALIB. This renowned liar KALBI is
responsible for this statement. It contains extreme absurdities, strange and unacceptable".
slept with us, in my house, after offering night (ISHA) prayers. When I woke up in the night, I
did not find him there. A number of apprehensions struck me, due to the enmity of the nobles
of QURAISH. I could not sleep. in the morning the PROPHET(S.A.) related the occurrence
of MAIRAJ and told that he wanted to go to the nobles of QURAISH, to describe it. I caught
hold his skirt and entreated him, not to go to them as they would falsify it and would try to kill
him, but he (the PROPHET-S.A.) did not agree and went to them".
In these statements, apart from other absurdities, the mention of prayer of ISHA
(night) and FAJAR (morning), is extremely wrong as these prayers were prescribed in the
event of MAIRAJ itself. Obviously where can such statements stand before the SAHEEHAIN
(the tore books). Thus it is doubtless that the PROPHET(S.A.) was in KABA in the night of
MAIRAJ. (SEERAT-UN- NABI Page 410, Volume 3),

The Syed did not consider this tradition, even to deserve a detailed comment. It is not
necessary either. As the fabricator, interpreter and reporter of this tradition, is KALBI who
fabricated TAFSEER (interpretation of AL-QURAN) IBNE ABBAS, where he has narrated
this story, from where it was taken by the later writers. We have already commented on him in
detail. He is worse than WAQDI. Apart from it, this narration contains such defects, that it
would not have been reliable, even if its narrators would have been trustworthy:

1. UMME-HAANI(Rd) accepted ISLAM on the day of surrender of MACCA, and
MAIRAJ occurred before Migration of the PROPHET(S.A.) to MADINA.

2. The prayers of night (ISHA) and morning (FAJAR) were prescribed the same night.
Were they offered before prescription?

3. What UMME-HAANI(Rd) means by the word 'We'. If she meant her husband, he was
the worst enemy of the PROPHET(S.A.). He fled to NAJRAN after surrender of
MACCA. From here, he went to ROME and adopted Chiristianity and died in the same

4. The PROPHET(S.A.) had proposed to ABU TAALIB for UMME-HAANI before his
marriage with KHADIJA(Rd), (as already mentioned before) which was refused by
ABU TAALIB saying that he (the PROPHET-S.A.) was poor and ignoble, and
married her with HUBAIRA, who proved to be the worst enemy of the
PROPHET(S.A.). How could it then be possible, that the PROPHET(S.A.) should
sleep in her house. Thus the KALBI (RAFZI has put two accusations on the PROPH
ET(S. A.).
a) If he slept there, in the presence of HUBAIRA, nothing can be more shameful than
this. It was due to this man, that the PROPHET(S.A.) was described a pauper and
ignoble. He was an enemy of the PROPHET(S.A.). May be, that he may be
considering him (the PROPHET S.A.) as his rival.
b) If he (the PROPHET-S.A.) slept there in the absence of HUBAIRA, he provided him
an opportunity to defame him.

5. This story contradicts Al.-QURAN and true traditions.

6. How could the PROPHET(S.A.) stay out, the whole night, when two minor girls,
FATIMA(Rd) and UMME-KULSUM(Rd) were there. What could be the reason for
sleeping in others house leaving them alone.

7. According to the reporter, UMME-HAANI(Rd) wanted to stop him, from narrating
the event publicly, so that people may not know about it. This proves that HUBAIRA
was not at home that night. It is a grave accusation against the PROPHET(S.A.). Who
were the people who slept in the house of UMME-HAANI(Rd) in the absence of
This tradition, is a long story, and we shall, describe some of it, afterwards.

Ref: Religious Tales-Facts or Fiction

Hadith of Miraaj is that the most outrageous forged hadith which turned the table of DEEN Islam at 180 degree, and converted DEEN Islam into a religion of criminal Mullahs and Imams. (Deen=Divinely prescribed System of life)

A Fanatic said, how we can say, that Miraaj is a Persian’s forgery because (according to him) Quran also mentions Miraaj. Our answer to that Fanatic was as under:

Our Answer:
This is sickness in the heads of all brainwashed fanatics that they do not read comments of others fully and start to scream their rants. Before you post your crap here; You were supposed to read our already posted comments fully. Lie of fictitious Miraaj does not exist in Quran at all. Show us where is following in Noble Quran:
1- Where is Flying Donkey called Boraaq in Quran? It is not in Quran. Zoroastrian Bukhari and others copied this story in his evil fake hadith book from two Zoroastrian’s Books, Zerdashtnama and Arda Viraf Namak.
2- Where is written in Quran that, that Flying Donkey used to had face of a pretty woman on which Prophet took ride?
3- Where is in Quran that Prophet went to Jerusalem in Palestine to lead prayers of all Prophets in Aqsa Mosque? All Historians know that No any Masjid Aqsa existed in Jerusalem Palestine in the life time of our beloved Prophet. That Masjid Aqsa which we see today in Jerusalem Palestine was built many years after the death of our beloved Prophet by Omayyad Caliphs.
Historian know that during the life time of Last Prophet neither any mosque Aqsa nor even any Jewish temple existed in Jerusalem Palestine. Jewish temple was made ground zero by Romans about 570 years before the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad The Exalted.“The Romans Destroy the Temple at Jerusalem, 70 AD,” Eyewitness to History. Josephus’ account appears in: Cornfield, Gaalya ed., Josephus, The Jewish War (1982); Duruy, Victor, History of Rome vol. V (1883).
4- In Sura Asra, Quran says Masjad Aqsa. If you know even the basics of Arabic, then you must know that meaning of Aqsa in Arabic is Remote.
Masjid Aqsa mean REMOTE MOSQUE and at that time no any mosque from Mecca was remoter than already built Mosques in Madina before the night Journey of Prophet. Sura Asra only points to night Journey of Prophet from Mecca to Madina.
5- In Sura Najam where are the points that we have already discussed in above-given four points? Where is in Quran, that Prophet has face to face meeting with Allah? You Jaahils think, Allah is like a man and he is sitting some where in Sky in a remote villa and Prophet met to GOD in that Villa? You are Jamaat-Jahileen. Mullahs and sectarian translators badly twist verses of Sura Asra & Sura Najam and add their Kharafaats (fables) in brackets when they translate VERY CLEAR verses of Quran. They play with BOOK of Allah in order to make their false stories fit-able in Quran.
6- Where is in Quran that Prophet bargained with Allah like union leader to reduce 50 Prayers from 50 to 5 prayers? Where is in Quran, that Prophet met with Moses and other Prophets in Miraaj? It were Persians who fabricated hadith of Miraaj in order to blend their 5 Zoroastrian Namaz Rituals in Islam through Zoroastrian Mother of Caliph Harun Rashid “Queen Khaizran” around 787 A.D. She bribed Mullahs and Imams with millions of Gold and Silver coins to shut their mouth and who resisted lost his neck. Hadiths are heap of Persian lies that they forged 300 years after the death of Prophet & in Quran there is no any Five Namaz rituals. Show us units of each Five rituals in Quran? Show us where COMPLETE AND FULLY DETAILED Quran 16:89 tells you units of each rituals of Shia and Sunni sects, and where Quran tells you, what to read in Five daily Namaz Rituals, & from where U manufactured Atta-Hiyaat text, and who manufactured Drood Ibrahimi that is read in Atta-hiyaat of Five Namaz rituals? That Drood (salawat) never exists in Quran. That Drood Ibrahimi was fabricated by Dehlmi Moiz Doula of Persia when he captured Baghdad.


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Umme-Haani [ra] and Mairaj Scam!
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