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Who was killed on 10th Muharram !
By:abdalaziariff / indiana
Date: Wednesday, 8 August 2018, 10:34 pm

If Sheikh Maududi has so much respect for Tabri, then how come he ignored the fact that according to Tabri, Hussan [ra] was killed on 22nd Safar.

The followings are from Religious Tale-Facts or Fictions by Allama Habibur Rahman Kendhalvi.


It has been stated that on the night of the PROPHET's (S.A.) birth, the Palaces of
KISRA were shaken and their fourteen turrets fell down. The canal of SAADA (in some
traditions that of TIBRIA in Syria) dried up. The FIRE TEMPLE of PERSIA which was
burning for thousands of years extinguished. KISRA saw a fearful dream, the interpretation of
which was sought from A KAAHIN (foreteller) of YEMEN, named SATEEN. This story has
been mentioned in BAIHAQQI, KHARAETI, IBNE ASAKAR and ABU NAEEM on the
authority of continued narration. The central figure among the narrators is MAKHZOOM BIN
HAANI, who reports from his father HAANI MAKHZOOMI, who was hundred fifty years
old. No such Companion. named HAANI MAKHZOOMI QURESH, aged 150 years, is
known. No, Companion named HAANI of BANI MAKHZOOM, ever lived. His name has
been quoted in ASAABA and the like,.in connection with this tradition, in a doubtful manner.
None of the Scholars (MOHADDISEEN) is acquainted with his son MAKHZOOM BIN
HAANI. Other narrators in the line are equally unknown.

So much so, that even IBNE ASAKIR, who patronises weak traditions also, describes
it as GHAREEB (weak). And not even IBNE HAJAR who backed and supported weak
traditions, is prepared to take it as a MURSAL (discontinued) report. In the version of ABU
P-743, Vol. 3.
This version is throughout fiction. But IBNE HISHAAM has reported from
MOHAMMAD BIN ISHAQUE, that it was a dream of the mother of the PROPHET(S.A.).
An indication has been made towards it in one HADITH, although the dream has not been
described. The tradition reads as follows: "ANA DUAO ABI IBRAHIM WA BASHARATA
AKHI EESA WA RUYA UMMI" (I am the prayer of my ancestor IBRAHIM, the tiding of
my brother ESSA and the dream of my Mother).
If by dream is meant the above one, it does not mean that it should come true
immediately. Some times it takes very long time For instance the PROPHET(S A.) dreamt two
fleets of his followers sailing for battle. The first Sea Battle took place during the period of
HADRAT OTHMAN(Rd) under the command of AMEER MOAVIYA(Rd) and the other
during the reign of AMIR MOAVIYA (Rd) under the command of YAZEED.

The same way, the dream under discussion, stands for destruction of the Empire of
PERSIA, which happened after him through his followers. In 16-A.H., under the order of
PERSIANS totally, in the battle-field of QAADSIA and captured MADAEN. He offered the
prayers of JUMA in the PALACE of NAOSHERWAN. This was the earth quake in the
PALACE OF KISRA. After this the fire temples in IRAN were extinguished with the advance
of MUSLIMS in the period of HADRAT OTHMAN(Rd).
It may also be kept in mind, that there was not only one fire temple in Persia, but they
were lit in each village and city. The biggest was in BUKHARA which was known as BAHAR
. This was extinguished during the reign of CALIPHA WALEED BIN ABDUL MALIK BIN
MARWAN. This is the basis of enmity againsi BANU UMAIYA.

We may tell our readers that the baffle of QAADSIA was fought on 10th. Moharram
16-A.H. This is what these SABAEES lament for, in the name of mourning for HUSAIN(Rd).
It happens to be situated near KARBALA. It was from here that HUSAIN(Rd) gave up the
intention to move towards KUFA and turned towards SYRIA with the intention to offer his
allegiance to YAZEED which these SABAEES could not bear and killed him on 22nd.
SAFAR in the precincts of NAINWA as has been reported by historian TABRI from • the
historian IBNE SAAD and WAQDI. The tales of KARBALA were fabricaed by ABU
MAKHNAF two hundred fifty years later.

As for drying up of the CANAL SAADA or CANAL TIBRIA, they relate to the
appearance of DAJJAL. These ignorant people have alluded them to PROPHET's birth.


NUJAI-YU states, "I used to handle the pot of ablution of HARAT ALI (Rd)', One
day I was going with HADRAT ALI (Rd) to SIF-FEEN. When HADRAT ALI (Rd) reached
near NAINWA, he called me.'O! ABU ABDULLAH stay a bit, stay a bit', NUJAI-YU says, 'I
asked him, what is the matter'. HADRAT ALI (Rd) said, "One day I went to the PROPHET
(S.A), and tears were rolling down both his eyes, I asked, O! PROPHET (S.A.), what has
saddened you". Why tears are rolling down your eyes". He said, "Gibraiel has just gone from
me and he has informed that HUSAIN (Rd) will be killed at the bank of river FURAT". He
then told me, if you wish, 'I can get you the smell of the soil of his place of killing'. Gibraiel
extended his hand, and took a handful of soil and gave it to me. I could not help, at that time,
weeping with both my eyes". (MUSNAD AHMAD P-85, V.1).

We are surprised that PROPHET (S.A.) is being made to smell the soil of the land of
NAINWA, and HUSAIN is being martyred at KARBLA. in the books of SHIAS, HADRAT
HUSAIN (Rd) is called martyr of NAINWA.

Had he not been a martyr of NAINWA., how could he have, inherited the sciences and
learning of NAINWA. It is a matter of chance, that TABRI has reported from INBE SAAD,
that HUSAIN was killed in the land of NAINWA, on 22nd., SAFAR. As if, the game of
KARBALA has been staged to befool the SUNNIES. May be RUSTAM of PERSIA, was
killed on 10th of MOHARRAM, and his death is being lamented upon, in the name of
HUSIAIN (Rd) because, RUSTAM of PERSIA was killed by HADRAT SAAD (Rd) in the

It is more surprising, to find that all the narrators of this tradition are KOOFIES (the
faithless) and they are talking of NAINWA, Obviously it must have some truth in it.

NUJAI-YU-AL-HADRAMI: has reported from ALI (Rd) that Angels do not enter a
house, which contains any picture, dog or JUNBI, This has been reported by SHO-ABA, from
ABDULLAH BIN NUJAI-YU through MUDR.AK and ABU ZUR-AA, and he narrates it
from pis father. ZAHABI writes no one knows who is this devil (MEEZAN P-248, V.4).

ABDULLAH BIN NUJAI-YU: ADAM has reported from BUKHARI, that this
narrator is ender objection (MEEZAN P-514, V.2)