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Re: Q: Islamic Eco and Personal life
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Tuesday, 7 August 2018, 4:41 pm
In Response To: Q: Islamic Eco and Personal life (Kian, Iran)

I have copied a few verses mentioning riches and from what I understand there is nothing wrong with working hard and becoming rich, as long as you use this wealth to help others and not as a means to keep the poor, poor, violate human rights etc. If rich=arrogant, then this is condemned in the Qur'an.

3:180 Let not those, who withhold the gifts that God has bestowed upon them of His bounty think that this is good for them. Nay, it is bad for them. It will be tied to their necks as shackles on the Day of Resurrection. To God belongs the heritage of the heavens and earth. God is Aware of all you do. [He bestows His provision to humanity for equitable distribution to all. 55:10]
3:181 God has heard the utterance of those who said, "God is poor whereas we are rich." We will record what they say, just as their slaying of the Prophets against all right. And We shall say, "Taste the torment of burning.” [Most of the first followers of all Messengers have been the poor. 11:27]
3:182 This is for what your own hands have sent forth. God is never a tyrant over His servants. [8:51]

4:134 Whoever desires the reward of the world, let him know that with God is the reward of the world and the Hereafter. God is ever Hearer, Seer. [Obedience to His commands ensures success in both worlds]
4:135 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Stand up firmly for justice, witnesses for God, even if it is against yourselves, your parents and your relatives, and whether the case is of a rich person or a poor person. God is nearer to them than you are. Do not follow your emotions lest you fall short of justice. If you distort your testimony or turn away (from this command, know that) God is Aware of all your actions.

9:53 (Some hypocrites want to make financial contributions.) Tell them, "Your contribution is not accepted whether you pay willingly or unwillingly. You are a people who drift away from the System at the first opportune time."
9:54 What prevents their contributions from being accepted is this: They do not truly believe in God and His Messenger. They only claim to believe. They join you in Salaat congregations only half-heartedly and just to be seen of men. And they contribute only with great reluctance in their hearts. [2:8, 4:142, 107:5, 2:256]
9:55 Let not their riches or their children and party astonish you (O Prophet). God causes them to suffer retribution through these in the life of this world and they depart in sorrow while they are in denial (9:85).
[The ‘dazzle’ of the world holds them back from striving. But people must strive and build paradise with their own hands. 3:135, 16:32, 46:14-16]

10:87 We revealed to Moses and his brother, “Tell your people: Maintain your homes in Egypt, and turn them into centers of devotion and training. Establish the commandments in your lives and give good news to the believers.”
10:88 (Moses promised to proceed on these lines.) He prayed, “Our Lord! You have given Pharaoh and his chiefs a life of luxury and abundance. Our Lord! With their resources and might they continue with their oppression and lead people astray from Your path. Our Lord! Destroy their riches and make their faculties incapable of contriving their oppressive designs. They will not see the truth unless they face an awful suffering.”
10:89 God said, "Your prayer is heard. Both of you shall remain determined. And you shall not follow the path of those who act without comprehending." [20:36, 20:42]

11:116 But, sadly for them! Among the generations before your time, only a few were virtuous enough to discourage disorder in the land. We saved those few, whereas those who continued to violate human rights only pursued material riches. And they were guilty of stealing the fruit of others’ labor (and they were requited). [Zulm = Displacing something from its rightful place = Wrongdoing = Violation of human rights. Mujrimeen = Criminals = Guilty = Those who thrive on the fruit of others’ toil]
11:117 Your Lord never destroys a community unjustly (for their wrong beliefs alone) as long as its people are setting things right.
[The Qur’an is consistent in its theme that people will be rewarded for what they do (Ya’maloon), and not for what they know (Ya’lamoon). The Book stresses on the right belief system only because people are strongly influenced in their behavior by what they think and believe. Muslihoon = Reformers = Those who help their own and fellow humans’ condition = Those who set things right in their environment. This is one of the most important verses in the Qur’an. It throws out all dogmatic assertions that are the hallmark of a ‘religion’. As we have seen, Islam is not a ‘religion’ consisting merely of a set of some dogmas, rites and rituals. It is Ad-Deen, the Divinely Prescribed System of Life]

71:10 And I have said, “Seek forgiveness of your Lord. He is ever Forgiving. [‘Ghafarah’ = Helmet = Protection. Forgiveness in the context indicates halting the behavior that is detrimental to the society, and turning to Divine Guidance in order to protect oneself from the logically harmful consequences of evil deeds]
71:11 He will shower upon you heavenly blessings.
71:12 And will help you with goods and riches and flourishing families, and will grant you gardens and will bestow upon you flowing streams." [Baneen = Sons = Children = Tribal unity and strength = Party = Flourishing families]

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