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Re: Think about Hajj
Date: Saturday, 4 August 2018, 11:30 pm
In Response To: Think about Hajj (Khadija Husain, Sydney)

Dear Sister Khadija,

Indeed, every year when the Hajj season comes around, I can't help but lament the fact that millions of Muslims throng to Mecca with the sole objective of performing the Hajj in the false belief that it would absolve them of all their sins and be rendered pure as a newborn babe. I also often wondered how on earth such a noble cause ordained in the Quran has been reduced to mere ritualistic exercises: the circumambulation around the Ka'aba, treading the paths of Safa and Maruah , the stoning of the devils, the needless slaughtering of animals to mention a few. A sheer waste of time, resources and human effort which only serve to enrich the coffers of the Saudi Kingdom. A selfless cause towards improving the lot of humanity and conflict resolution to achieve peace and harmony amongst nations become an entirely selfish desire to achieve individual salvation that goes against the very teachings of the Quran. What a shame, that Muslims have lost sight of the purpose of the Hajj and deny the Quran.


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