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New National Elections a Prelude to Change?
By:Mahboob A. Khawaja, Karachi
Date: Friday, 3 August 2018, 8:06 pm

Pakistan: Towards Understanding the Challenges of Political Change and Future-Making

Are the New National Elections a Prelude to Change?

Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD
People have spoken out loud and quite logically, Imran Khan is the elected candidate to lead a futuristic system of political governance. To discard the incurable resentment against the former indicted criminals turned politicians, people of Pakistan have rejected them at the ballot box. The July 25 national elections under a caretaking non-partisan government were a history-making event in Pakistan’s formal history. Had this happened some sixty years earlier, Pakistan could have been a leading model of democratic norms, social and economic cohesion and political stability to lead other nations in Southwest Asia. For over 60 years, the so called Pakistani politicians – former neo-colonial landlords were masters of lies and deception – inept, greedy and historically egomaniacs who stole time and opportunities from the young and educated generations to foster political change and productivity and make Pakistan a stable nation. While other progressive nations of the world encouraged participation and paved favorable opportunities to enlist new educated and intelligent brand of the young generations, Pakistani political leaders were naïve and indifferent and guilty of having plunged the morally and intellectually conscientious nation into abyss. None of the Islamic parties appear to have any worthwhile activism in the outcome of the elections. Have they succumbed to be impotent for the future? Imran Khan, the new elected would be Prime Minister wants to rebuild a New Pakistan – a highly promising ideal and slogan under unusual political circumstances. Pakistan desperately needs a new constitution and new political system of governance, a revitalization of socio-economic and political integration between all the cultural diversities of its people in Punjab, Baluchistan, Pakhtoonva and Sindh. Pakistanis lost East Pakistan to India and surrendered in 1971 because they were foolish, corrupt and leaderless. The national integration, security, end to foreign aid and strategic cooperation, and political cohesion of the country must assume priorities over other major policy agendas. To dispel the history’s malicious ironies, Imran Khan would need to widen the scope of his thinking and strategic planning to encompass the prevalent political realities of Pakistan.

What Needs to be Changed?

Nothing is normal in today’s Pakistan. Institutionalized corruption is a favorite perversion to attract people’s support for new ideals of change and anti-corruption psychology. Most indicted criminals like Nawaz Sharif, Bhuttos, Zardrai - all wanted to serve the noble ideals of political fairness, honesty, socio-economic stability, human rights and law and justice. The problem was, none of them had such qualities and characteristic in their own life and profile. How could they have given something to others what was not part of their own life and possessions? One cannot combine wickedness and righteousness in one human character. To make Imran Khan comparatively a credible candidate for genuinely soft approaches to articulate a sustainable compound culture of new thinking, new ideals and new strategies for a New Pakistan, it is imperative that Mr. Khan must know and fully comprehend the nature and scope of the sickness that continued for decades to rob the nation of its due opportunities for change and future-making – a deliberate pillage leading to massive destruction of the socio-economic, moral, intellectual and political infrastructures of the Pakistani nation. None of the former criminals are punished visa-a-vis their crimes against the nation. Mr. Khan does have first–hand knowledge and observations of lot of such accumulated pillage over the decades..

Mr. Khan appears to be patriotic person with immense know-how and abilities but he must realize rebuilding a nation is not the individual task but a collective formulation of wide range of thinkers, intellectuals, planners and expertise to work in a team and undertake proactive progressive assignments from top to bottom, not the other way in Pakistan. The dishonesty underlying the Pakistan’s political landscape is nothing new or unknown. Allow this conscientious author to say: WHO IS NOT DISHONEST IN PAKISTANI POLITICS? If you get a chance to read “Pakistan: Enigma of Change” (series of articles -1999 onward in Media Monitors Network, USA), and “Pakistan: Leaders who could not Lead” (10/2007, Media Monitors Network, USA; “Pakistan: Leaders who stabbed the Nation”, 2010; “Pakistan : Anatomy of Turbulent 68th Independence Day”, “Pakistan in Quest of Navigational Change” (2014), by this author, you should have no rational problem to understand the realities of today’s sadistic politics of Pakistan.

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New National Elections a Prelude to Change?
Mahboob A. Khawaja, Karachi -- Friday, 3 August 2018, 8:06 pm
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