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Imran will succeed because of Namaz
By:Syed Abdur Rahim from Karachi
Date: Wednesday, 1 August 2018, 8:15 pm

Salam to all

This is Syed Abdur Rahim from Karachi, Gulistan-e-Jauhar. I am very much delighted to see that Pakistan is now having a very optimistic and sincere leader. The country is facing problems those cannot be compared with previous regimes. Its economy is very much shattered. No organization except armed forces can be trusted. Unabated irregularities in all Govt. Organizations are a challenging job for Imran Khan. Police reforms, drug control, facilitating common public are not easy jobs.

Attracting investors is a big challenge. Karachi (wrecked by previous governments intentionally) needs immediate rebuilding.

All these problems are nothing if a leader like Imran Khan determines to overcome. He has the talent and that is why whole Pakistan has given him free hand to deal with complicated and very difficult task to rebuild new and developed Pakistan.

The election was very fare and especially Karachi (the mini Pakistan) has trusted in him wholeheartedly. The remains of MQM is soon to be invisible and PIT will take over full control of the city.

Having said above few words which is not new and all are fully aware of stories of Pakistan, I am stressing on other side of the picture. May be people will laugh and ignore my point of view but I am sincerely advising in the light of Quran and Sunnah, historical facts and realities.

Imran Khan needs help of Allah Jallashanuh and for this he should start at least one thing. Closure of shops and offices at the time of Salah (namaz) will please Almighty Allah and this is the bottom level his Government can order at least. Alhamdolillah Pakistan is a country of 98% Muslims, citadel od Islam and people are very honest but need little guidance. All will become delighted on this decision and let me say that dirty allegations against him by MMA and alike will become meaningless.

Pakistan is a county created in the name of Islam and those who will rule like a devout Muslim will rule in the hearts of its people. Imran Khan must know that his rule is being watched by Allah Jallashanuh Himself. Without His mercies nothing can be achieved. Allah says in Quran when he empowers someone as ruler he establishes salah (namaz).

Blessings of Allah Jallashanuh are unimaginable and those who please Him are entitled for His bounties like unabated torrential rain.

Virtues of salah cannot be explained in words. More than 100 ahadiths are mentioned for performance of salah unambiguously and very strictly warned and if not performed individually or collectively. Anger and curse of Allah Jallashanuh is also highlighted loud and voice for those who ignore, even a Muslim no more remains a believer if he is not responding to the call of Allah.

Imran Khan asked while PSL was being played in Lahore that what message would go in the word if any blast occurs there due to security lapse. Same questions is being asked by every Muslim that what message he is conveying to the world if he does not pray once he listens the call of Allah. His message is simple to the whole world that Islam is a religion which is impractical, very difficult to follow (maadh Allah).

Of late when Obama was in Saudia and reception ceremony was being held King Salman and all attendees left the ceremony and proved their firm belief in Allah and offered Asar prayer. This is a historic event and has raised the chest of Muslim world. Actually King Abdul Aziz used to weep in Haram after he created Saudi Arabia for sustenance of its people. He was rightly guided and made his constitution in the light of Quran and Sunnah enforcing Islamic laws. He pleased Allah Jallashanuh and in return Allah Almighty chose him and his sons and descendent to rule very successfully. Saudi Arabia can be cited as a welfare Islamic State but these are all gifts of Allah because people throng to Masajids after adhan.

Imran will become another Sultan Salahuddun Ayyubi and Sultan Altamash if he at least enforces Salah (namaz) in the society. I pray for his success and wonder if these words will reach him or anyone advises him on this line.

Namaz is cure from dieses and ensures health, it will save from punishment in qabar, Jannah is assured by Allah on salah. Sustenance is promised besides namaz increases wealth, it enlightens heart and face, is source of pleasure of Allah. It attracts wellbeing and dua is accepted after each salah.

Allah Jallashanuh's help is final and that depends on His pleasure.

Fee Amanillah

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