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My Phone Call to J.I. Chief
By:Hussain Khan, Tokyo
Date: Tuesday, 31 July 2018, 4:41 pm

My Phone Call to Respected Sirajul Haq Saheb from Japan to either resign as Ameer-e-Jamaat or Support Imran Khan

Failure of Respected Sirajul Haq policy to join hands with a person of bad reputation like Maulana Fazlur Rahman

I feel very sorry and shocked on the 100% failure of respected Sirajul Haq policy to join hands with a person of bad reputation like Maulana Fazlur Rahman. He lost his home-town seat of Deir for the first time in his life. He used to be always elected from there. I had tried to telephone him in Mansoorah Markaz Jamaat, Lahore 2 months ago . But unfortunately he was not available and I left message with the Secretary Jamaat. I tried to advise him to follow previous Ameer JI, Munawwar Hasan policy to remain away from the notorious Maulana Fazlur Rahman.

Not only he, another Jamaat-e-Islami member of National Assembly Mr. Qudratullah was also defeated in elections. Jamaat-e-Islami lost its position what it had before the elections. Success or failure of a policy is to be judged from its results. Allah will reward him for the hard work he did day and night visiting all over Pakistan and addressing rallies. But results show that he and his colleagues have lost their position what they had earlier. Instead of moving forward, Jamaat-e-Islami has gone backward despite his sincere efforts. It was because all his hard work and sincere efforts were in totally wrong direction. Previous Ameer JI, Munawwar Hasan had the foresight to remain away from Maulana Fazlur Rahman. But unfortunately respected Sirajul Haq was trapped by the cunning Maulana.

I felt very shocked seeing him standing with a low head and sullen face on the right side of MFR and Mr. Liaquat Baloch on his left. MFR, who failed to win elections in Halqa 38 and Halqa 39 by PTI candidates, was taking the revenge of his ignominious defeat in both elections by declaring that MMA, rather All Parties led by him including ML (N) reject national elections 2018 held in Pakistan. What a shameful scene to see Jamaat-e-Islami leaders opposing a person who says he wants to make Pakistan a welfare state on the pattern of what our Prophet (PBUH) had set example in Medinah!

Fortunately, this time he was available in Lahore to take my phone from Japan. At the very outset, I told him to resign from the post of Ameer, Jamaat-e-Islami. I explained why I am asking for it. I had left for him a telephonic message 2 months ago requesting him to kindly not to join hands with MFR. But unfortunately he acted otherwise. I elaborated to him that this policy has led to disaster for Jamaat-e-Islami. Hundreds and thousands of Jamaat voters have shifted to PTI. Not only he was himself defeated for the first time in his life in his own home town, but other Jamaat MNAs like Mr. Qudratullah were also defeated. Politically it was a big blunder to try to swim against the tide of support for PTI. Not only a political blunder, it is wrong ideologically as well. It is also against the fundamental policy of JI. It was not established to oppose those who claim to establish an Islamic state like Medinah.

He kept quiet on my request for resignation. I then quoted to him a Maulana Maududi principle. It says that we are not Power-crazy for ourselves. If someone else take up the job of establishing an Islamic State, we will be supporting such people. He then agreed to support Imran Khan if he does anything good for Pakistan and also for any measure he takes towards the direction of establishing a Medina-like welfare Islamic state in Pakistan. he quoted that JI supported PTI in its KPK provincial government but came out due to some sad and bitter experiences. Even then, I insisted that he should give a chance to IK to try for it. But his standing together with MFR in APC meeting to oppose and boycott elections is not a step in right direction. He also agreed that he will disassociate with that policy of APC or MFR and announce it after a meeting of Executive Council net day.

But I saw on television screen next day that JI Executive Council ended without any decision. Then next day I came to know that a Shura Council meeting has been called on August 11 and 12. But I was happy to find that despite the failure of Jamaat Executive council meeting and even before Shura meeting, he fulfilled the promise he had made with me. He announced next day what he had assured me to do. He declared on TV that he will not boycott the elections. While remaining on the Opposition seats, HE WILL SUPPORT IMRAN KHAN FOR ALL HIS RIGHTFUL MEASURES. He specifically mentioned his support for IK, if he makes any move towards the establishment of any Medina-like welfare state.

I am happy that the purpose of my phone has been achieved. But the question arises why Executive meeting failed and why a call is being made to call Shura so hurriedly. I pray Shura meeting will decide to disassociate JI from MMA and direct it to be coalition Partner of PTI despite all human shortcomings of IK and his colleagues. We are not supposed to judge them on the standards of JI.
It is a political and a pure political Party and not a religious or religious-cum-political Party like JI.


Why I called it shameful? My readers will get reply to it, if your read my following paragraphs which I had written in the mail below 2 months ago.

"Maulana Maududi has emphasized it on several occasions that we are not hungry for power. If someone is doing our job, we will support him. Imran Khan is talking more of Islamic Welfare State of Medinah than Jamaat-e-Islami itself. Sirajul Haq is gradually separating himself from any such continued support.

The Jamaat has forgotten its basic mission by involving itself too much in day-to-day politics. Jamaat has not forgotten but has overlooked and has become unmindful of its basic mission of trying to work for implementation and enforcement of Shariah in our country and for its Islamization.

Now Imran Khan is teaching to the masses what Jamaat should have done. He is preaching to the masses that we became and remained Super Power of the world for 700 years until Mongolia overpowered us and Halaku Khan captured Baghdad during about 1200 AD. He reminds to our people that as long as we follow the principles of Islamic Welfare State of Medinah, as taught by our Prophet (PBUH), we can again become a great power. This lesson was given by Maududi to Jamaat. Instead of trying to support such persons, who have their ideal what Maududi had preached to Jamaat, Mr. Sirajul Haq has become partner of someone who is rather a bitter enemy of such a preacher in PTI.

This is also another contradiction of Mr. Sirajul Haq. On the one hand, he had formed a coalition government with PTI in KPK and had 3 Jamaat Ministers, on the other, he is also a partner, rather working under the leadership of an enemy of PTI like Maulana Fazlur Rahman. May Allah bless him, endow him with Frist-e-Momin and guide him to correct his wrong policies and accept his all-out efforts in the way of Allah. Amen."

Commenting on Imran Khan victory speech New York Times has commented that Imran Khan wants to implement 'welfare state which Muhammad had established centuries ago.' Washington Post has commented that he wants to establish 'an Islamic Welfare State'.

Will it not be shameful for an Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami who has decided to oppose a person and reject his (IK) being elected, who is declaring to establish an Islamic Welfare State which Muhammad (PBUH) had established centuries ago. Imran Khan also declared to his listeners all over the world, as his Victory speech was being broadcast LIVE all over the world by the international media like BBC, CNN and others that his ideal of ruling the country will be the same as the saying of Hazrat Umar (RAT) that as a ruler he will be responsible if a dog dies out of hunger on the banks of river Farat. Had Maulana Maududi started Jamaat-e-Islami to oppose such a ruler in Pakistan and become just a puppet of a revengeful, defeated, notorious, cunning MFR. Have the members of JI elected respectful Sirajul Haq to perform such duties which are against the purpose and mission of JI?

Kind Regards,
Hussain Khan, Tokyo
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