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By:A Sayed (South Africa)
Date: Tuesday, 31 July 2018, 1:08 pm

Just before the death of Stephen Hawking, he claimed that God did not create our Universe. The Laws of Physics did.

Unlike him, the Qur’an inspires me to believe that the “smoke” (interstellar dust and gas) that existed in the “Sky when it was smoke” required a Creator with the knowledge of physics and mathematics to create it, like I do require a carpenter with the knowledge of carpentry to fix my kitchen unit and a motor mechanic with a particular knowledge of my car to fix my car.

I am thinking like that because I am a Simple Simon who uses the methodology of ilm-ul-yaqin, ayn-ul-yaqin and haqq-ul-yaqin to conduct all the affairs of my life, whether it be secular or religious, based on sound reason and logic.

I would not expect the Laws of Physics to fix my kitchen unit without a carpenter or the car without a motor mechanic. Even if I was a “science based”/”evidence based” person like Stephen Hawking who denied the existence of God, I would not contemplate such a think, yet when it comes to creation, he does?


Evolution is a theory. It states that it began by two hydrogen atoms colliding with one another at a very high speed and this whole universe came into existence as we see it today in “due measure and proportion” like and abridged dictionary coming out of an explosion in the printing press.

There are many other theories how it began.

In your assessment of Ibn Khaldun’s work, you do not say whether he had knowledge of the Big Bang from Qur’an, which was known 6-7 hundreds years before he was born. You say he began by stating that Evolution began with the minerals in the earth giving rise to plant and then animal and human life from it, just like in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

Tell me then: Is the Bible telling us a lie that when God selected the planet earth to settle us on it, it was “void of shape and form”, in other words without sea, mountain, dry-land, sunlight, etc, (Genesis 1:2)?

And likewise, is the Bible and the Qur’an telling us a lie in Genesis 1:3-10, Qur’an 41:9-12, 21:30-33 that God created the seas, mountains, dry-land, sunlight, sustenance (for plants and animals he was going to settle on the earth), etc, as we see it today and that it did not happen like Darwin tells us in the Theory of Evolution?

For example, in Qur’an 41:10, God states, “And He placed on the earth firmly set mountains over its surface, and He blessed it and determined therein its [creatures'] sustenance in four days without distinction - for [the information] of those who ask.”

The above verse states God created the mountains and the sustenance of all creatures he was going to place on earth because no mention is made in this verse that He had created any of them then. And by telling us that He created “sustenance”, He is also telling us like in the Bible that He created the seas, sunlight, dry-land, etc, because without any of these establishing the “sustenance” of all the creatures He was going to place on the earth would not have been possible.

Do you dispute that it took God 4 God days (4000 earth years) to do so? And do you dispute the contribution of the Bible towards this knowledge of the Qur’an? Likewise, do you dispute with the Qur’an that God took 2 God days (2000 earth years) to divide the Heaven to seven firmaments and adorned it with moon light and the stars. And do you agree with the Bible (Genesis 1:14) that God created the seasons at this stage?

Do you also dispute that the sustenance (both in plant and animal form) were not created by God but evolved from the minerals like in Darwin’s Theory and that God created the all wild life, birds and humans in a Creative Evolutionary manner and not by the process of Evolution after the above six God days of Creation?

Did Ibn Kaldhun also assume like Darwin that the mountains, dry-land, seas, sunlight, etc, were created by the Laws of Physics and not by God like Stephen Hawking?


As humans, how do we establish consensus on this issue?

The present US government thinks that it should be done by teaching both Evolution and Creationism in public schools to know the Truth within and between them.

Atheists and secularists are against it. This is because their knowledge of Universe is two dimensional. They believe that religion and science are two different entities and because they oppose one another in every dimension of life, even in methodology, they believe science make more sense than the blind faith of religion, not knowing that Bible and Qur’an eliminate this dichotomy of the secular and religious to establish “the all truth” and Reality within and between them that make separate and exclusive.

Unfortunately, during this critical time of our history, when all humans require consensus in all the affairs of their lives, the government of Turkey has taken the decision to discard the teachings of Evolution altogether in their public schools and teach only Creationism from the Qur’an.

Although this would be the ultimate strategy of our world when Islam prevails over all the man-made systems of life, I do not think that it was smart for the Turkish government to do so at this moment in our history. By supporting the government of the US on this issue, they would have shown both the secular and religious world that there was an alternative to the secular and the religious and that was the intersection of the secular and religious, which was truly representative of the Nature of our Universe.

Best Regards,
AK Sayed (South Africa).

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