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By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Monday, 30 July 2018, 1:01 pm
In Response To: RE: Why millat of Ibrahim (Jawaid Ahmad, uk) (A Sayed (South Africa))

The Qur’an beautifully sums up the majority, indoctrinated mentality, of the Muslims who fail to think. Note the “men endued with understanding” in the following to understand that a true Alim must study the visible universe in order to believe fully in Allah and be a true Muslim:
20:53 He is the One Who has made the earth a cradle for you, and has traced out roads and channels for you therein. And He sends down water from the sky.” By this means We bring forth different classes and pairs of plants.
20:54 Eat and raise your cattle. Surely, herein are signs for men and women endowed with reason.
20:55 From the earth We created you, into it We return you and from it We will bring you forth a second time. But he stubbornly rejected the message.
Looked at simply this is saying that rain provides water for plants to grow and animals to feed on them and we can utilise both sources for food and clothing etc. The reference is also in agreement with the evolutionary process in that plants would have been the first life forms to populate the land surface, followed by animals. If the Qur’an would have said that Allah created the animals and then the plants this would have been scientifically wrong so the Qur’an agrees with modern science even though it was written in an age of ignorance (compare this to Bible story above). The Qur’an also talks about pairs of plants separate from others which is confirming the male and female sexual nature of plants and that of all life forms (even bacteria and viruses are able to reproduce sexually by “mixing” their genetic material under certain circumstances).
Uranium-Thorium-Lead dating has been used to give the 4.5 billion years of the age of rocks on this earth and Moon, this followed the earlier period of creation of the stars and planets. Carbon is an element that is vital for the building blocks of living things. There is a law of Allah that one naturally occurring radioactive isotope called carbon-14 decays to carbon-12 and this has a half-life of 5,760 years. By looking at the ratio of carbon-14 to carbon-12 in once living things its approximate age can be determined. This has shown that life was created and existed for much longer than the Bible states. If Allah had wanted to give any irrefutable evidence for the Bible “truth”, He would have shown us this from carbon dating but the reverse is seen, the Bible has man made myths and absurdities that proper scientific knowledge condemns to hell. They are based on Babylonian tales and were incorporated into the Bible after the Jews were freed from captivity by Cyrus (called a Messiah/Christ, in the Bible, just like Jesus but Christians say only Jesus was Christ!) in the sixth century BCE. When the Qur’an states that man has tampered with the Word of Allah it is these scientific untruths which show us where and how it was interpolated into, so we Muslims must remain tight to the rope of Allah and not follow the wrongs of previous generations. To add insult to absurdity some Christians say that scientific laws did not apply to the first six days of creation so any scientific evidence to the contrary has no bearing! They ignore the evidence and dislike the word “science”. They say “do you know how many times science has been proved wrong”, so evolution is just another “truth” that will be found to be false. They do not realise that by sticking their heads into the sand they are going to suffocate! They have forged falsehood in the name of God and say it is “inspired” truth!
2:78 Among them are unlettered people who do not know the scripture, but learn their wishful beliefs through hearsay. They depend on nothing but conjecture.
2:79 Then, lost are those (their scholars) who write the scripture with their own hands and then claim, “This is from God.” They traffic it for petty gains. And loss is to them for what they write, and for the illicit profits they make thereby.”

Some changes occur when a cataclysmic event disrupts the natural scheme of things. Chemicals that are thrown up into the atmosphere and radiation both cause rapid mutational effects that are either a benefit or a loss to the organisms involved, resulting in new species rapidly evolving. Evolutionists cannot explain “why” life came into existence but they are deciphering why life suddenly appears after certain events. (The chemicals that formed the bases of life just did not decide to replicate themselves and become living, self replicating organic machines, no, Richard Dawkins, think again! The universe was set up so that life could evolve).The beginning of the Cambrian period of 550 million years ago was one such event where there seems to be an explosion of complex life forms appearing all of a sudden. But why say it was by creation and not by a “creative” process? If you want an analogy then read the following: suppose I showed you a Mercedes car (please note that I am not being sponsored by this car company, although all donations will be gratefully accepted) to a Muslim and asked them who made the car. They will naturally reply Mercedes. Then ask how did the car get here? A Muslims will automatically say Mercedes made it in an instant in the shape it is possible for us to see with our two eyes. In the same way that they will say that Allah created everything and then ignore how He did this, they ignore the designer, the engine fitter, the exhaust assembler etc of the car production and say it just popped out of thin air as a complete car. Does this sound ridiculous to you? Why then listen to the likes of Harun Yahya, the Turkish “scholar” who rejects Darwin’s theory, by ignoring science and believing in tales from our corrupted past? The Cambrian “explosion” did not generate new life from nothing. Prior to this period there were only “soft bodied” creatures, there were no invertebrates (with backbones) so these creatures were harder to fossilise. When invertebrates “evolved” they were superior to the previous life forms and so dominated the world thereafter. This is in total agreement to the gradual development and sophistication of life. Simple when you think about it!
Look at the wolf; all dogs that we have today from the Great Dane to the Jack Russell have been bred and interbred by man from this single wolf species. At present the physical diversity of the dog species is not matched by the genetic diversity and so any dog, whatever the size, can mate with another dog. If we isolate a breed of dog from the rest and allow a vast timescale to pass, eventually the genetic changes between the two groups will mean they cannot interbreed and a new species will be formed. This is how Darwin came up with his theory by observing the differences between isolated islands leading to genetic diversity. He did what we Muslims are commanded to do by Allah by going out and observe the “signs” of Allah in the universe, the skies, the seas, the mountains etc. Darwin was therefore not about rejecting Allah but showing us how Allah works. He may well have had doubts about a God but this does not belittle his contribution to how we came to exist today. The Creationist movement has put themselves at one extreme and the Evolutionists have moved to another extreme. The one rejects science and the other rejects’ Allah. As a Muslim I am told to be a balanced person in my actions and thoughts and on this issue it is not a matter of being right or wrong but in accepting the known facts. Allah said He created all life so did He start this by creating everything in the form we see today or was their a lengthy process involved in this? Science has shown the latter and this in no way rejects Allah but common sense and intellect must be used. Studying the world that Allah has created according to the natural laws of the universe, as stated in the Qur’an, enables us to differentiate between fairy tales and truth.
The Qur’an states that life originated in water so Allah must have created this life in water. How then did we come to walk on two legs as human beings? We are living creatures so our origins are from water also. We do not have gills so we must have been undergoing a long period of evolution that has resulted in us standing on two feet and partially using our brains! If Allah had created us in a unique way unlike all the other life forms on this planet then He would have left evidence for us to find and confirm this. There would be no humanoid Neanderthals to confuse the issue. However, science has shown man to be genetically related to the ape family and this proves we have a common ancestry and are not a unique separate creation. WE ARE NOT APES but we both have a common ancestor; this needed repeating because creationists seem to think that it is “funny” to say we came from apes, but they came from “Adam”! Life evolved according to Allah’s laws and so we evolved as well.
Now here is the most damning critique of the false beliefs of modern Muslims; In the introduction to his history of the world written by Ibn Khaldun (born 1332, died 1406 CE,) called” The Muqaddimah” he writes:-

“One should then look at the world of creation. It started out from the minerals and progressed, in an ingenious manner to plants and animals. The last stage of minerals is connected with the first stage of plants, such as herbs and seedless plants. The last stage of plants, such as palms and vines, is connected with the first stage of animals, such as snails and shellfish, which have only the power of touch. The word “connection” with regard to these created things means that the last stage of each group is fully prepared to become the first stage of the next group.
The animal world then widens, its species becomes numerous, and in a gradual process of creation, it finally leads to man, who is able to think and to reflect. The higher stage of man is reached from the world of monkeys, in which both sagacity and perception are found, but which has not reached the stage of actual reflection and thinking. At this point we come to the first stage of man.”

The concept of a common primitive ancestor is not written here but an evolutionary process is most apparent (the Greeks made some references to an evolutionary process so the idea was not new. However, the Qur’an contains only known, proven scientific facts, the absurdities of some of the Greek phiosphers are not present within its pages). The above was written almost four hundred years before Charles Darwin was born (1809 CE) and represents the knowledge that had been obtained by the great Muslim scientists of Spain, the Middle East and North Africa, for example Ibn Tufail, Ibn Badja, Abu Nasar Farabi, Ibn Maskawaih, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Sina etc. Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, Muslims used to be the greatest scientists on earth and discovered many things that were later re-discovered, or more truthfully, copied from them by the west. A certain Sir William Draper called Darwin’s theory “the Mohammadan Theory of Evolution” as it was understood then that Muslims had this all worked out already! Darwin’s Father and Grandfather were fully aware of translations of Arabic scientific books which mentioned the evolutionary processes so Darwin just refined and elaborated upon others works.

“Darwin, Erasmus. (2008). Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica 2008 Ultimate Reference Suite. Chicago: Encyclopædia Britannica.
born December 12, 1731, Elston Hall, Nottinghamshire, England died April 18, 1802, Derby, Derbyshire, a prominent English physician, grandfather of the naturalist Charles Darwin and the biologist Francis Galton.
In Zoonomia or the Laws of Organic Life (1794–96) he advanced his own concepts of evolution, which were similar to those of J.B. Lamarck. He believed that species modified themselves by adapting to their environment in a purposive way. It is as a transitional figure that Erasmus Darwin is primarily important. He embodied the attitudes and values of 18th-century materialism, but his conclusions concerning evolution were drawn from simple observation and were rejected by the more sophisticated of the 19th-century scientists, his grandson Charles foremost among them.”

Richard Dawkin is worshipping at the wrong idol, instead of Darwin he should study more Islamic scholars but because they are “religious” this may deter him from doing so with an open mind (fundamentalist atheism?). I recommend you visit the “Muslim Heritage” website for other articles detailing the many discoveries of Muslims and this is a really wonderful site to look at. Muslims were able to take the mainly theoretical knowledge of the Greeks, Indians etc. and turn them into practical sciences and discoveries. Unfortunately, it is most depressing that today the descendants of those great men and women are not aware of their work and have reverted to an ape-like mentality in their thoughts and actions by rejecting known science. Charles Darwin was depicted in offensive cartoons with his head on that of a monkeys body but what should have been depicted is most of mankind having a monkeys head ( and hence a monkeys brain and understanding) on a human body! Amazing how the Qur’an metaphorically describes the mentality of such people who resort back to their animalistic tendencies:-

2:64. But you turned back thereafter: Had it not been for the Grace and Mercy of Allah to you, you had surely been among the lost.
2:65. And well you knew those amongst you who transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath: We said to them: "Be you apes, despised and rejected."

(Some trouble makers have said that the Qur’an has Allah turning people into apes but they are just trying to make mischief. What the Qur’an is just saying is that we become ape-like in our thoughts and actions when we reject the right way of life we should be following, and how apt these words are when we have discovered we came from the same ancestor as modern apes and chimps! These same mischief makers must read articles where some disrespectful person calls a Policeman a “pig” and believe there are herds of swine running around our streets wearing blue uniforms! I do apologise to the Police for writing this appalling name given to them). The discoveries, most notably from the Muslim scientists of the past but now more than ever from the “west” confirms the billions of years of this universes continuing development and not of its creation ten thousand years before the Common Era as they claim from the Bible. Again, if Allah had created the world according to the Bible then He would have left the evidence in the rocks etc. so we would be able to prove this, but all the evidence proves the Bible wrong and not Allah. Allah continually stresses the need to use our senses so why reject these and follow false scripture? It can be easily proved that Allah was not the writer of the Bible nor was it “inspired” by Him but is predominantly man made ideas that deviate from the true Revelation that He gave to His prophets. Allah refers to the Qur’an as the “Furqaan” or criteria to judge past scripture for truth and falsehood, why then ignore the Qur’an, or not understand it correctly, and believe unauthentic hadith spread by our “scholars.” I know I am repeating myself but it needs to sink in for it to take effect.
The fact that we originate from animals does not make us any less human because it is our self awareness and consciousness that raises us above the other creatures and not our physical bodies. The Qur’an also says life originated from a “clay like” substance, a “leech like substance” and much more so is this any less loathsome than being evolved from an ape like creature? Also, Allah created us; His universal laws resulted in us being who we are today so are you questioning the Wisdom of Allah in creating us in the way all the evidence proves that He did? That is the question you should be pondering over and not listening to proponents of falsehood.

6:1 All Praise in word and action belongs to God, Who created the heavens and the earth, and appointed darkness and light. (All things in the Universe are witness to, and manifest His Glory.) Yet those who reject the Truth hold others as equal with their Sustainer.
6:2 He is the One Who created you from inorganic matter, and decreed a term for you, a term known to Him. It is determined according to His Laws, for individuals (3:144, 56:60) and nations (7:34, 10:49, 13:38). Yet you keep doubting and arguing about Him.
6:3 He is God in the heavens as well as on earth. He knows all that you keep secret as well as all that you do openly.

7:10 (Take heed before the final scales are set.) We have placed you on earth and given you means for a fulfilling life. How seldom are you grateful! [Being grateful is not only verbal thanks. It involves sharing God’s bounties with fellow humans and other creation. 16:114, 31:12]
7:11 WE CREATED YOU, THEN SHAPED YOU, then told the angels, "Be of service to Adam! And they agreed to be of service, all but Iblees (Satan). He was not of the subservient.
[Take a panoramic view of your common origin. Life began as a single life cell from hydrated inorganic matter (23:13) We made you Adam (Homo sapiens, male and female). And We made the angels (the Universal Forces) subservient to you. Satan or Iblees, your own rebellious desire, refused to submit to your higher controls of judgment]
7:12 God said, “What stopped you from being subservient when I ordered you?” Iblees responded, "I am better than he. You created me from fire, and him from clay.” [Emotions are fiery in relation to sound judgment. The criterion of honor is not lineage, color, caste or nation. It is nothing but good conduct. 49:13]

Surah 55 verse 14.
55:14 He created the human (initially) out of sounding inorganic matter, like pottery. [Human evolution: 2:30, 6:2, 7:189, 15:26-27, 22:5, 23:12-13, 25:54, 32:7-9, 35:11, 37:11, 71:17]

Allah “created and then shaped” us so is this a single event or a moulding process? You do understand that clay is moulded into objects and not thrown up into the air to drop down as a plate or cup? A fully functioning plane cannot be formed from a tornado smashing its way through a junk yard and neither did we suddenly “pop up”! The literal meaning is clear, evolution! The allegorical meaning is also clear if you understand that man is a physical being, from the earth, hence clay, but our emotions can sometimes get the better of us so this is the “fiery” side of our natures (quick to temper, quickly reacting without considering the consequences etc., if you want proof then just show a Mullah this section and see his reaction!).

11:61 And to the nation of Thamud, We sent their brother Saaleh. He said, "O My people! Serve God. You have no one worthy of obedience but He. He initiated you from the earth and made you thrive thereon. Come to His forgiveness, then turn to Him in repentance mending your ways. My Lord is ever-Near, Responsive."
Allah produced us from the earth and not out of thin air. Think! He certainly did not, therefore, create us in heaven and then drop us onto the earth when “Adam and Eve” transgressed against Allah!
22:5. O Mankind! If you are in doubt that humanity will one day stand on its feet, and that you will be resurrected back to life after death, consider the process of your own evolution. We have created you in stages: From dust, then from male and female gametes, then from a zygote, then from an embryo, shapely and first shapeless. We thus clearly explain things for you. The embryo and then the foetus stay in the womb until an appointed term according to Our Laws. Then We bring you forth as infants and carry you to maturity. While some of you die young, others live to the feeblest old age so that they know nothing after knowing much. (Resurgence of humanity can take place just as) you, O Prophet, see a dry barren land, but when We send down water on it, it vibrates with life and grows all kinds of beautiful plants.
[Recapturing the earlier stages of evolution, We initiated life from inorganic matter, the clay, then hydrated clay. Through it We brought forth the single life cell, the unicellular organism. Then We created the male and the female cells. Thus procreation came into play. Male and female gametes join, a clot, a little lump of flesh, turning into the embryo that ‘hangs’ in the womb. The embryo is partly formed and partly unformed, until it becomes the foetus and then assumes the final evident proportions. For the origin of life on the planet and creation of the human being, herein are given some important references for the research minded reader: 4:1, 6:2, 6:38, 6:99, 7:11, 11:6, 11:61, 15:26, 21:30, 23:12-14, 24:45, 25:54, 30:20, 31:28, 32:7-9, 35:11, 36:77, 39:6, 40:64-67, 51:49, 53:45, 55:14, 71:14, 76:2-3, 86:5-7, 96:1-2]

There are two aspects to the creation of life. The first is the original creation of life on earth in the primordial “soup” and hence the use of the word “dust”. The second is the creation of life in the mother’s womb with the use of the sequence; sperm, clot etc. in the reproductive process. Allah blends the past, future and present in one line, for time has no relevance for Him; He is beyond “time and space”.
32:7 Who created everything in perfect balance. Thus He initiated the creation of the humans from hydrated inorganic matter.
32:8 Then He made him to be reproduced out of the essence of a mere fluid. [The inorganic matter was hydrated and life was initiated from its extract. Eventually, the evolution reached a point when procreation with male and female gametes was established. 37:11]

Yes, we are ungrateful to Allah by not observing His created universe and rejecting intellect and following false beliefs! Allah created everything but how did He do this? That is what we have to find out and not also bury our heads in the blinding sands of our ancestor’s beliefs.
The verses have Allah creating man from clay but this has other meanings like the inorganic substances that compose the earth. We are made up from the same atoms and compounds that the earth and all matter is made from and the reference to “fashioned him in due proportion” can only have the meaning that stages of development occurred. The term “clay” is also backed up by scientific observations because it has been shown that particles of clay are able to trap a layer of water around them which may have formed the “bridge” onto which the early compounds were able to bind. Surface tension of water caused by the differences in the polarity of the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms is a crucial aspect of water that helped the formation of early cell like structures which to this day have polarity differences between the inside and outside of the cell walls.
Still not convinced, read on:

82:6 O Man! What has lured you away from your Sustainer, the Bountiful?
82:7 Who created you, then fashioned you, then proportioned you? [95:4]
82:8 Having shaped you and put you together well in accordance with His Laws. (59:24)

95:4 We have indeed created man in the best of moulds,

15:28 Recall when your Lord said to the angels, "Indeed, I am about to create man out of sounding inorganic matter, (and then) out of hydrated clay.” [2:30-35, 7:11-22, 17:61, 19:21, 20:116-120]
15:29 And when I have perfected him in due proportion and breathed into him from My Energy, be of service to him.” [Note "from My Energy". So God gave humans 'something' from His Energy. That something is free will. 76:3]

The “fashioning and moulding in whatever form He wills” of man is proved by science in the evolutionary process; do not be deceived by the Bible thumping Christian fundamentalists or the intellectually deficient “scholars” of Islam, open your eyes and minds to reality. If our leaders are ignoring the Qur’an or not understanding it then it is up to us to study it more. We will be held to account on Judgement Day for what we did in this life and to blame the Mullas for our own deficiencies will not be a valid excuse. The buck stops with you.
Some creationists claim that the first cells that appeared on the earth in the primordial seas (again confirmed in the Qur’an that life started in water but they seem to ignore this) in such a state of completeness and complexity that they could not have come into existence by chance and so declare the evolutionary process as false. Who said they just materialised out of the primordial soup? The first molecules that formed the bases of all life were created from their individual components, Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen etc. How they formed is simple chemistry understood by any secondary school child and the fact that Allah has created the Universe in such a way that life originated from these compounds is a testament to the All-Knowing, All-Wise Allah and we should wonder at this creative process and not belittle it through ignorance. It took many billons of years before life came into existence on this earth which is proved by observation and intellect, not blind belief and indoctrination. Why? Why did Allah not “snap” his allegorical fingers and produce everything in one instant? Experiments in the twentieth century showed that simple compounds could be formed by passing electric sparks through a cocktail of gases and this proves that the “theory” was practicable. To discount this because no one knows what the early atmosphere consisted of (we were not there to sample it, although there are meteorites with the same chemical composition of the early earth) is just trying to put up obstacles to further your own baseless and untested beliefs. By further studying the life generating processes we will uncover more of the details of how things happened.
Some creationists also state that because entropy exists (things tend to go from order to disorder) then life and complexity must have a Divine creator in order to go from the simple to the intricate. An explosion the size of the “Big Bang” would have produced chaos, as do modern day explosive devices, and I agree with them about there being a Creator but not their reasoning. The universe had a beginning and as such needed a Creator Who programmed into this system the means and ways we see working today. In a closed system entropy is at work but is overcome where you have energy being transferred from the Sun to the earth, allowing for the workings of the Divine system to operate by utilising this for advancement.

What some Muslims are thinking now is that all Allah has to “say” is “be” and it happens. Allah said man should be created and he popped up, just like that. I have already stated this does not happen like this so now I must prove it. Allah “creates” in the realm of the uncreated and this is manifested in the created universe but He does not change a law by way of miracles etc but uses what is in the universe, which He created, to fulfil this plan. What we need to do is take a closer look at the process of “be” and we shall look at the Qur’an for references to this concept:-

2:117 The Originator of the heavens and earth: when He wills a thing to be, He but says to it “Be” – and it is.
[Qaul = Saying = Thought. Badee’ = Initiator = Originator = One Who creates from nothing = The Impeccable Creator]

6:73 It is He who created the heavens and the earth in true (proportions): the day He says, "Be," behold it is! His word is the truth. His will be the dominion the day the trumpet will be blown. He knows the unseen as well as that which is open. For He is the Wise, well acquainted (with all things).

16:38 They most strongly swear by God that He will not raise the dead. Nay, but it is a promise binding upon Him in truth, but most people do not make use of whatever they know.
16:39 He will then make them understand wherein they differed, and the rejecters will realize that they were liars.
16:40 Whenever We will anything to be, We say to it Our Word, “Be” and it is. [The moment We pass a decree in the World of Command, it starts happening]
16:41 Those who emigrate in the cause of God because they were oppressed, We shall give them good lodging in the world, and the reward of the Hereafter is greater, if they but knew.
16:42 They have been steadfast, and have put their trust in their Lord.

36:81 Is not He Who created the heavens and earth Able to create the like of them? Yes indeed! For, He is the Creator, Knower of all acts of creation.
36:82 When He intends a thing, His only command to it is “Be” and it is.
36:83 Glorified is He in Whose Hand rests the Mighty Dominion over all things, and to Him you will be brought back. [37:16, 73:3]

40:62 Such is God, your Lord, the Creator of all things. There is no god but He. How can you, then, deviate? [29:61]
40:63 Thus it is. Those who contend with the messages of God are but straying.
40:64 God is the One Who rendered the earth a dwelling place for you and the atmosphere a canopy, and formed you, and formed you so well, and provided you with decent things of life. Such is God, your Lord. Most Exalted, then, is God, the Lord of the Worlds. [Samaa = Sky = Canopy = Atmosphere that protects against extremes of heat and cold and meteorites. 21:32]
40:65 He is the Ever-Living; there is no god but He. Call then, upon Him alone, sincere in Deen (the Divine System of Life). All praise is due to God, Lord of all the worlds! [‘No god but He’ = God alone is the Sovereign in the heavens and earth = God alone is Worthy of obedience and service = Only His laws are operational in the Universe = He is the ultimate Law-Giver to humanity]
40:66 Say, "I am forbidden to obey those to whom you call upon instead of God, since all evidence of the truth has come to me from my Lord and I am commanded to submit to the Lord of the Worlds.”
40:67 He is the One Who created you from dust, then from the gametes, then from an embryo, and then He brings you forth as an infant. And then you attain full strength and afterward you grow old; though some of you die earlier. All this He ordains so that you reach a term appointed, and along the way, develop your insight. [22:5]
40:68 He is the One Who grants life and causes death. The moment He decrees a thing, He says to it only “Be!” and it is.
40:69 Have you, then, seen those who contend against God’s revelations, and, therefore, sway like errant winds?
40:70 Those who reject the Book (Al-Qur’an), are in fact, denying all revelations with which We sent Our Messenger. But, in time they will come to know (what they had denied.) [Qur’an is the watcher over previous revelations. 5:48]
40:71 When they will have shackles around their necks, and the chains (of their own making), they will be dragged along,
40:72 Into the boiling fluid (as they were floating from desire to desire), and, then, they are cast into the fire (of their own making).
40:73 And then, they will be asked, "Where are those whom you made partners,
40:74 Besides God?" They will groan, "They have failed us miserably. Nay, rather, we were calling upon what never existed.” This is how God leaves to stray, those who deny the truth. [Kaafireen = Deniers or opponents of the truth = Those who choose to remain in darkness = Those who are ungrateful for the Divine Guidance = Those who conceal the truth]
40:75 This is because in your life on the earth you used to take delight in what was not True, and roamed about haughtily with your false doctrines.

Read these verses. It is stating that Allah is the originator of all that is in the universe. He created the heavens and earth and made us from sperm and the ovum. But as stated earlier, the observation by astronomers that the Universe is still undergoing change by way of expansion and the formation of suns and planets out of interstellar gases shows that Allah did not create it all in one single and completed step but allowed for its creation AND development. This is confirmed in the Qur’an which describes the universe being created from a process resembling the "big bang theory" and then the long process where the original matter was “smoke” or particles which coalesced to form the stars and planets. The highly descriptive Qur’anic language has the earth “speaking” but this is only figuratively. This “willing obedience” is a testament to the entire created universe following the laws that Allah laid down at the beginning.

21:30 Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?

41:11 Moreover He comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been (as) smoke: He said to it and to the earth: "Come you together, willingly or unwillingly." They said: "We do come (together), in willing obedience.

Why not create the whole universe in one single step? Why the development in stages? If Allah did all this in the way He has said and how science has proved it happened then the same can be said for the creation and evolution of life and the ultimate pinnacle of this process, Mankind (well some of us!). “Be” has to be understood in this way and not in the way it has been corrupted by “scholars” who have other agendas
If you cannot get your head around evolution then consider this; Allah confirms in the Qur’an that human beings come from the joining of the male sperm and female ovum in the process of “be”, see Surah 40 above, which we know is a development process and not a single, miraculous, instantaneous, pop out of thin air, fully formed person. Also, what about this, these sperm and ovum are a fraction of a millimetre in size which we can only see using modern microscopes. Now imagine a fully grown human with its billions of cells working together in a single body. Can you imagine that the fusion of two minute cells could have produced such a “miraculous” thing as this body? Think about it. We accept this creative process yet we are unable to imagine or accept that Allah has created this universe in the way that science is revealing to us! Time has no meaning for Allah but we cannot imagine what a million years is like and even more impossible is to think what billions of years are. The fact that a few chemicals reacting together in the created universe of Allah resulted in the development of living cells cannot be brushed aside because of falsehood and ignorance.

The Eye

Please read the above on the evolutionary development of the eye and you will see that there exists vast evidence for how this beautiful organ came into existence and its development. Why did Allah not create the “eye” for all creatures, why the variety? If I can imagine being an inventor I would not make steam driven cars when I had invented the combustion engine!
There are aspects of our existence we cannot explain but everything in the universe has an “order”, which means we will be able to find how it occurred or occurs. Allah has created this universe, as I have stated previously, because this could not and did not happen by chance. Once it was found by science that the universe had a beginning (which the Qur’an confirms as the “Big Bang”) and was not eternally there, an act of creation had to have created it. There is too much uniformity in the universe to clearly show us that it was not created by a “freak of nature” or some random event. It was not created, as some have suggested, out of “nothing” and since it did have a beginning then the only answer we can come up with that fits the equation, my “X factor”, is an uncreated, eternal “being” that is capable of such things. It is not about believing or disbelieving in Allah but about the way Allah works. We should eliminate the “Father Christmas” type figures that most of humanity has created for themselves regarding Allah and replace this with the one that is presented in the Qur’an; a Creator, a Planner, or using modern language, the Ultimate computer (universal) Programmer! Everything is possible for Allah but not any ungodly acts so to say that He uses a “snap of the proverbial fingers, creation out of thin air” approach is living in ignorance. Evolution and Allah are not mutually exclusive but by the Grace of Allah we are here today looking at the mechanisms and stages of how we came to be.
The title of this section should be read with the appropriate correct meaning as:
“BE” and Evolution

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