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Reasoning with Ego
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Sunday, 29 July 2018, 9:26 pm

Human ego has been explained in varied terms. Commonly understood, it is about self gratification. It is part of us that feels self love. It is often seen destructive that separates us from one another including friends and families.

In all spiritual circles ego is given a bad rap. When we get controlled by our ego we lose control of self. It rebels sensibility and renders ethics worthless. As long as we are within our sound judgment ego is not a threat. If within the bound of conscience it is struggle against it stemming from our inner tensions. The more mind predominates deeper is the consciousness which is victory over lower psyche.

Here are some quotations, including from the Quran that makes point clear:

It was ego that provoked Adam’s son Cain into murdering his brother Abel. 5:30
Have you seen the one who has taken his own ego to be his god? 25:43
Humility is antithesis of ego. Its importance is emphasized in verses e.g., 17:37, 25:37
Every time our head touches the ground in prayer it teaches to put down our ego.
Fasting is not about burning calories but burning egos.
If being religious makes us judgmental and rude we need to check if we are following God or our ego.
Ego is veil between man and God.
Cut your ego not the relationship.
Anger begins with ego and ends with regret.
If we think every other is wrong and we are always right, the ego is prone.
Sitting with poor and less fortunate removes ego from heart.
If someone corrects us but we feel offended, we have ego problem.
It gets complicated when we love our ego more than other person.
Man’s happiness lies in being master of his ego, and sufferings in ego being his master.
Relationships doesn’t die natural death, ego kills it.
If you get your ego in your way, you will only look to other people and circumstances to blame.
Feed your soul not ego.
Do not bring ego close to wealth or position, when they fall ego creates the most hurt.
The painful moments in the life of senior public officials in India and Pakistan is when they retire, and the same Chaprasis don’t salute them anymore.