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Time to ponder
By:Muhammad Rafi Karachi
Date: Wednesday, 25 July 2018, 4:52 am

For the undecided voter!

-Haider Mehdi.

Few questions for your kind consideration!

1. Do you want more of the same?

2. Do you want a small corrupt & rich elite to continue to hold the country hostage?

3. Do you want the destruction of our institutions to continue headed by incompetent and dishobest people?

4. Do you want the unbridled loot and corruption to continue?

5. Do you want the Sharifs and the Zardaris to continue to siphon of precious taxpayers money into private bank accounts and off ahore assets?

6. Do you want the leadership of Pakistan given to a Sharif or a Zardari or their daughter or son or nephew. An incapable, incompetent, corrupt Maryam or Hamza or an equally if not more, twenty something nothing puppet like Bilawal?


7. Do you want to give an oppirtunity to a leader like Imran, who has consistently fought against this mafia like status quo?

8. Who has shown by his efforts and accomplishments in KP to build strong independant institutions in the area of reforming the Police, Local Government, health care, education, environment?

Imran's plan is simple. Here it is.

1. He plans to insulate public funds from legislators. Restrict them to legislating.

2. Restrict Cabinet to policy making and limit their administrative and functional interference in operational implementation.

3. Institute major civil service reforms, especially restoring constitutional protection for civil servants so they are free of unwanted political and government influence.

4. Dramaticall improve the delivery of public services for the common man by appointing competent heads of public sector state owned enterprises with independant boards, free of political interference.

5. Institute major judicial reforms with Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanisms as an important fundamental.

6. Ensuring that administratively and financially empowered local governments deliver public services.

7. Make accountability institutions free of government executive control to ruthlessly hold all misgovernance and corruption accountable. Especially in his own party

Thats his plan!

Ask yourself, based on his accomplishments, which despite the challenges of first time governance and a highly inexperienced team, whether

Shahbaz (really Nawaz) is your man.

Or Bilwal (really Zardari) is your man.

Or a man like Imran who for 22 years has tried every approach in the game and who, without a doubt, gives us our best fighting chance to redeem Pakistan from the clutches of the Zardaris and the Sharifs and what they represent.

They represent unbridled corruption. Wholescale loot and plunder. Institutional destruction. Nepotism. Compromising key national interests. Foisting their dumb kids on us. And much much more.

If we don't take advantage of this opportunity, then the responsibility of the anarchy which follows vests with all those who didn't vote for Imran,

Pay no attention to anything else, except one major factor!

Vote for the person who can get us back on the road to prosperity, meritocracy, development and a strong Pakistan!

This is not about Imran or PTI, because they are mere instruments and pathways to our salvation!

This is about Pakistan and our future!

The choice is as stark and as obvious and it is yours.

For yourself, your children and our future. Vote wisely. Vote Imran.

Vote for Pakistan!

Salaams and Prayers
Haider Mehdi