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Re: Dr Asar's latest fit of insanity
By:Ali Syed
Date: Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 3:53 pm
In Response To: Re: Dr Asar's latest fit of insanity (Muhammad Rafi Karachi)

I feel sorry for myself for not having a higher education to understand Dr. Syed address. Dr. Syed never talked on one subject but kept on changing the course from here and there. He said Reham Khan book is something unique and must be included in school syllabus. In that case what about including her book in colleges and medical colleges etc. What kind of secrets she has what we do not know. Did she write about her boyfriends and her second husband? Why Imran Khan only? Gen. Hamid Gul warned Imran Khan not to marry Reham khan but her beauty and attractive face enticed him.

The Supreme Court found Nawaz Sharif guilty of the crime and all his lawyers failed to defend him. I have seen him on TV kept on telling lies over lies. Dr. Sahib calls him he is innocents. His younger brother Shahbaz Sharif, I call him Dhokay Baz Sharif is a champion liar. A number of his videos speak against him. It looks the story of Ali Baba and forty thieves were all innocent and actually, Ali Baba was the main culprit.

A Muslim following Quran will always speak the truth nothing but the truth. I consider the two brothers as non-Muslims because of constantly telling lies.

Nawaz Sharif never spoke a single word against Indians for committing atrocities in Kashmir and the front line of Pakistan. He never spoke against Kalbhushan. I am sure if he gets into power he will come out of the prison, along with criminal Hanif Abbasi, and release Kalbhushan too.

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