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Super performance
By:Muhammad Rafi Karachi
Date: Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 9:17 am

*PMLN Performance Audit*

😡PIA in huge loss.

😡Steel mill closed.

😡Railway in loss.

😡FBR failed.

😡Industries and Private Sectors in loss.

😡Imports at highest level & exports at lowest level.

😡Water Shortage increases & no dams.

😡Nandipur fiasco, QA Solar Park fiasco, 1329 MW Port Qasim Coal plant fails to produce electricity.

😡Record breaking Loans Of over Rs13000 billions at highest interest rates.

😡Mega Corruption Scandals like Panama Papers, Dawn Leaks, etc.

😡Mineral Water & 56 Companies Scandal,

😡Metro Bus, Metro Train in loss & on huge subsidies,

😡Yellow Cab Scheme, Laptop Scheme, PM Youth loan, Sasti Roti Scheme, Amnesty Scheme all fraudulent failed projects.

😡Qarz Utaro Mulk Sunwaro the biggest fraud,

😡Motorway, Railway, PIA mortgaged for Loans.

😡 Government Remains Silent on Kalbhushan, Kashmir, Violations of LOC & Indian propaganda on Mumbai Attacks.

😡Use of Parliament needlessly for disturbing Khatm e Nabuwat article in constitution .

😡Election Act 2017 for paving way for entry of corrupts in the parliament by removing declaration on 17 items with nomination papers.

😡Spending over Rs 30 billions on Visits worldwide with 0% trade interest in favour of the country.

😡Failed to bring Foreign and International investments for industrial & Pvt Sectors.

😡Highest electricity & gas tariffs which are 3 times higher then 2008 rates.

😡US $ rate maximum, 2008 was Rs 61 to a US$, 2013 was Rs 91 & now is Rs 122 ~ Rs128

😡No effective policies for Healthcare, Education & welfare of society.

😡More then 20 million Youth are jobless.

😡Totally Politicised Federal and provincial establishment and institutions.

😡Propoganda against Army, Courts and NAB.

😡 _Respecting_ the vote & voters by visiting Assembly only 8 times in more than 4 years.

😡Public security inadequate but Govt spends Rs 11 Billion on Sharif family's security.

😡Use of assemblies as Rubber stamp.

This is what the _PMLN's Tajurbakar Team_ has done in five years.

😡Most currupt & incapable Govt in the history of Pakistan.

🤔Think before you vote.

🤔Think for Pakistan.

🇵🇰Vote for Pakistan,

🇵🇰Pakistan Zindabad🇵🇰