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Dr Asar's latest fit of insanity
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Sunday, 22 July 2018, 3:16 pm
In Response To: Dr Asar's lates Expose' (Mubaschir, Canada)

Mu'min Bhai,

I do not have the password.

Oh, brother, I found the video by chance :-)

This man Asarulislam has lost his mind. What a liar and forger! Watch his language and body language. He seems to be consuming himself in the hell of his hate and inferiority complex. Notice him quoting third rate film songs.

He terribly distorts Qur'anic verses. 'Al-Maa' means water but he deceives himself and others on many occasions.


See AL-GHAAYET in the Qur'an 4:43. The shameless man calls Makkah as AL-GHAAYET (latrine). LA'NAT-ULLAH on him!

4:43 (Those who attain belief shall promptly establish the Divine System in the community, and the Masjid would assume the role of the community center. The believers will assemble in the Masjid for prayer, and to address social welfare and community action). O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Do not approach the Salaat congregation if your mind is beclouded for any reason, until you can understand what you are saying – Nor in a state of ceremonial impurity (post-coital state) without bathing. If you are ill or traveling, or coming from the privy (al-ghaayet), or had intimate relations with your wives, and cannot find water, take a little clean sand or earth and lightly rub your faces and hands. (This will help you prepare psychologically for the assembly 5:6). God pardons and absolves your imperfections.

This completely devastated 70 years old "politician" still fancies himself becoming the new prime minister of Pakistan while sitting in California! How many followers does he have? Four! Still, he is particularly jealous of the great Imran Khan, the honorable judiciary and the most patriotic Pak Army.

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