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Re: Does God Exist? (Shahalam,TX)
By:A Sayed (South Africa)
Date: Sunday, 22 July 2018, 5:41 am
In Response To: Re: Does God Exist? (shahalam, TX)

Shahalam Bhai, AA.

Yesterday I was also contemplating a reply to this Post to say exactly what Rafi Bhai has said that the Qur’an was the ultimate proof of God’s existence, but in addition to the fact that since 80% of the people of this world believe in God and religion, it was also of strategic importance to question the attributes of God to associate the True Word of God to the One True God.

The Prophet Abraham began his quest for the knowledge of God and His Word in this way.

For example, he questioned his father why he prayed to idols which could not hear him or benefit him in any way?

Likewise, he demonstrated to his father and his community that their gods could not speak or defend themselves when he broke all the idols in the temple and hung the axe around the neck of the big one?

And when he began to study the worship of the celestial bodies, he found that the celestial bodies did not also have the attributes of God because they functioned in a routine manner (the sun setting, the moon rising, etc) according to laws of the ONE WHO had created them.

Ultimately, when God showed him “the natural laws of the different dominions of the heavens and the earth”, he concluded that God was the Designer, Creator, Sustainer, Protector, etc, of the Universe, free of all dogmas and doctrines of religion, and that he (Abraham) had to function according to the secular and scientific laws of God’s creations without being Godless.

Here is a link to a video by a young Brahmin man who went about questioning the attributes of his gods in Hinduism and coming to the conclusion that the only true Book of God was the Qur’an:


Best Regards,
AK Sayed (South Africa).

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