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Re: Does God Exist?
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Friday, 20 July 2018, 10:11 pm
In Response To: Does God Exist? Best Reply Ever by Shaikh Ahmed De (abdalaziz ariff / indiana)

Various arguments for God’s existence confirm the existence of God. He that is Intelligent Designer the Cause of all creation?

Theologist Thomas Aquinas explained it with watchmaker analogy. If we look at a watch, we rightly assume that an intelligent designer has made it. It asserts that when we see something that is delicately designed, we rightly assume that it that creation of an intelligent designer. Same applies to perfect creation of the universe.

A strong argument - since human mind cannot conceive which does not exists in reality. We cannot conceptualize what we cannot think, seen in reality or have experienced it through any of our senses. God therefore must exist because we would not be able to conceive God unless there was God.

Earth’s constant gravitational force, the nature of gravity, the distance between stars, earth’s distance from the sun, their rotations are so finely tuned for our life that no logical explanation other than God can be tenable.

The argument about first cause asserts that for every effect there is a cause. Therefore, the material world must have a beginning, and that beginning must be outside of the material world to cause it to come into existence. The first cause or the uncaused cause is God.

In addition to material world, intangible things like human emotions and intelligence are not possible apart from a God who created universe, humans in particular. The cause of our emotions and thoughts cannot be emotionless and unintelligent matter. Therefore, we must have been created by an emotional and intelligent God, which explains the effect of our feelings and thoughts.

The existence of time commands a beginning as a reference point from which time proceeds. Logically this reference point must have to be outside of time to begin the time. That timelessness reference point is God, who is outside of time but initiated time.

The universe is not eternal and therefore must have a beginning. Behind that beginning must be a cause that is eternal or apart from time. Therefore the cause of time is God.

The argument from morality proves that everyone, regardless of their culture, has a natural sense of right and wrong. All scriptures borrowed right and wrong from natural sense, it did not create it. We all know that stealing or murdering is wrong regardless of Shariah or state law. Where do these morals that lies within us come from? It is God.

We are created with our conscience which helps us as righteous beings. Despite we some time ignore our conscience. If we feel bad about stealing or murdering, we in fact bearing witness that God did put understanding of His law within our conscience.

When our parents were not married, where were we?

Not yet convinced? Please write back and we will tell more!.

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