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Religious Discrimination in Adoption!
By:Richard Dawkins Foundation, UK
Date: Wednesday, 18 July 2018, 4:00 pm

Dear Friend,

Earlier this week, the House Appropriations Committee passed legislation that requires states to allow discrimination based on religious beliefs for adoption providers and foster placement agencies. States that uphold anti-discrimination laws will have their child welfare funding slashed.

The Committee inserted this legislation as an amendment to must-pass spending legislation, which means that we need to stop this harmful, discriminatory provision from passing a vote of the full House of Representatives. Will you tell your Member of Congress to oppose this legislation?

If this amendment becomes law, those who want to provide a loving home for vulnerable children can be turned away for being LGBTQ, single parents, atheists or nonbelievers, or members of any group that religiously operated agencies deem unfit. The religious right is pushing the amendment as part of their broader agenda to cement religious, and especially Christian, privilege into every facet of American law.

And this is not a secret agenda. Project Blitz is the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation’s initiative to codify Christian supremacy in every level of our government by promoting zealotry, spreading misinformation, and relentlessly pressuring lawmakers to adopt their pre-authored “model legislation.” Their 116-page manual includes a “model” (see page 50) for banning adoption by non-heterosexual married couples.

Project Blitz lists adoption discrimination as “Category 3” legislation – their highest priority level for bills that have the “greatest immediate impact” in advancing Christian supremacy. If this passes, they’ll be even more emboldened to push sister legislation on state legislatures across the country. That’s why it’s so urgent for us to prevent the amendment from becoming law.

Please take action now by telling your representative to reject this amendment.

To ensure that your voice is heard, we encourage you to call your representative right now and tell them to oppose the Aderholt Amendment to the Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations Bill, along with any legislation that would allow religious discrimination in adoption and child welfare services.

All you need to do is call (202) 224-3121 with your zip code to be connected to your elected officials. If you are unable to call, please use our action alert system to send your representatives a written message.