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Re: Assam of India deleting Muslims
By:Mukhtar Alam, India/UK
Date: Tuesday, 17 July 2018, 8:03 pm
In Response To: Assam of India deleting Muslims (Sahir Kamal, Avaaz Team, Assam)

​With Eid Embrace three times for all , I pray believers in Vasudhaiv Kutumbkum will have sense since I have been tweeting on this regularly to all leaders across the parties and scholar activists.muslims are Sanatan Dharmies accepting prophet Muhammad SUH and HP as NAKLANKI avtaar , the INFALLIBLE ,the last as prophet and messenger decreeing Mowla Ali at Ghadir Khum .I am using Sanskrit words and concepts for sharing on the Sanatan Islamic commons in order to eliminate all ISLAMOPHOBIA generated by usurpers of the identity of KHALIFATULLAH decreed MUSTAFA in verse 3:33,34. Researching in JUST World Order inquiries and debating interfaith commons ,I have concluded for aal e Rasool led Islam with clear chain of Fatimid KHALIFATULLAH which is not known to masses of 12ers and Sunnies known so socially.

With endorsement for the call for end of the process of disenfranchisement of muslims in Assam,I am sharing the letter below for eliminating all conflicts and insecurities which engulf muslims having diverse cognitive and spiritual states. I am sure, you all would appreciate and update knowledge on the chain of Fatimid KHALIFATULLAH decreed NOORUN ala NOOR in verse 24:35 and Kauthar as aal e Rasool who bind us globally in Sufi and SHIA Islam, the term which I use here for social labels since Islam is clear with clear obedience protocol of the divinely chosen leader led momineen and mominaat across the ages.

I am sure ,you all will have better sense for the abundance which we have as endowment in the love of AHL e TATHEER.

I am calling for ABRAHMIC QUARTET unity now being in the 53rd year of my life which started on Feb 24,1964 at Sunderpur, Peerpainti in Bhagalpur district of Bihar, India.

Dear Sir,

We are 7.5 billion commune of Adam SUH led by 49th Imam and Fatimid KHALIFATULLAH at the seat of Jesus SUH and prophet Muhammad SUH and HP. Kingdom of God is functioning. We are witnessing the clash of ignorance indeed with you waiting for the Saviour while the Savior has been around. You are not alone. This is the case of majority of muslims ,you know as 12ers and Sunnies waiting for Imam Mahdi. For all cognitive state having this information of waiting for Savior/Maitreyi Buddha/Naklanki avtaar/ Imam Mahdi need to accepting the chain of divinely chosen in posterity of prophet Muhammad SUH and HP. Word is decreed enduring. How? End of cognitive and spiritual distress for all with recognition, allegiance and obedience of the divinely chosen leading AKDN www.akdn.org and functioning from the holy seat in Portugal. Check the new on the Ismaili sites. Ismailis are referred so for believing in the chain of divinely chosen at the seat of Imam Ismail bin Imam Jaafar Al Sadiq.

The above is my humble conclusion.

Whose communism is the question which I am responding. Divinely decreed commune of Adam SUH or that of racists usurping Adam SUH for themselves for treating people of darker colors as posterity of beasts.

The word Jerusalem refer to the city of peace. How does this happen? All greeting peace/salam/Shalom/ Halleluja/Hello need to unite in salutation for the divinely chosen at the seat of prophet Abraham SUH and HP.

We are all people of prophet Abraham SUH and HP referred as Bramma here having lines of posterity through Sara AS referred as Saraswati and Hajra AS referred as Hakra/Hagar/Ghaghar/Gayatri in the languages of the house of Abraham connected to each other distinct among them being Sanskrit, Persian. Hebrew and Arabic.

End of the age alineation of the languages, words, divinely chosen in the house of prophet Abraham SUH and HP.

End of the age of waiting for all saluting prophet Abraham SUH ad HP referred as Brahmma.

I hope this is clear.

Hallelujah= wahoaliyyil azeem.

Sadaqallaho Aliyyil Azeem.

Please remind all the levy of Queen Victoria organized in 1898.

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Sahir Kamal, Avaaz Team, Assam -- Tuesday, 17 July 2018, 7:59 pm
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Mukhtar Alam, India/UK -- Tuesday, 17 July 2018, 8:03 pm