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Propaganda against Saudi Arabia
By:Abdullah BaShoeb, Jeddah
Date: Tuesday, 17 July 2018, 7:10 pm


A lot of propaganda (full of lies) is rampant and flowing against Saudi Arabia and its people these days. The common population of Pakistan being devout Muslim love Arab, Saudi Arabia and are proud to be the part of troops to help them in fighting terrorism.

But the of then hour is to counter them effectively at the spot.

Saudi Arab's achievements are beyond imagination. To cite one example we can say they are Serving Islam and taking care of Muslims all over the world. In every big Masajids (especially on Friday after Friday prayer) many embrace Islam. Can we show a single example in Pakistan?

They are managing Hajj arrangements by the best of their abilities.

We must not pay heed to propaganda against them, all are lies.

Ma'as Sallama