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Re: "Pakistan" - Daagh Dehlawi
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Wednesday, 4 July 2018, 4:30 pm
In Response To: "Pakistan" - Daagh Dehlawi (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

Br. Sidqi has said it all. I am confident IK will gain victory over lower material bound psyche of his predecessors. So I restrict my comments to your quoted couplets. Please excuse me for this.

Plato in his Republic, the doctrine of order and characters of just state, condemned poets as worthless being in society. He saw poets lower than the rank of soldiers, farmers, carpenters. Upper rank being that of philosophers, they at least try to explain life seminally in whatever way they think. To him poets are generally imitators of life appearance adding little or nothing, except some lazy entertainment (Wah! Wah!).

What we see around in society, like trash on streets, dirty restaurants or counterfeit goods in shop is not real but reflection of human condition. If Imran Khan bowed down to saint’s grave it was not an innate reality, but showed his society through him. Poets are same like IK, they copy society in their poetry. Plato called them imitator of the third degree. First is human reality; second, how it projects outwardly; third, poet mirrors them in their poetry. Nasir Kazmi wished to run away from village because of no water, he copied the scene in poetry but could not mobilize people to dig well or build dam. This was unacceptable to unlike the work of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

To quote, ‘If you only hear or see what you hear and see, then you are neither hearing nor seeing’.

Plato wanted poet to contribute like farmers and masons using their gifted imagination in offering possibilities of progress rather than deserting from the scene. Fani Badayuni was great doom and despair poet, he said:

Kishti ka Sahara hee tau Gardab hai Fani
Darya hee mein tau Doob kay Darya sey Nikal Jaa
(Please correct any mistake)

Hearing this Plato might have put him in jail without bail. Allama Iqbal however was rare exception to Plato’s criteria of usefulness.

Sorry for transgressing!

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