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Re: Darululoom Deoband
By:Humayun Bashir, Canada
Date: Sunday, 1 July 2018, 7:49 pm
In Response To: Re: Darululoom Deoband (Kalim-Ullah Khan)

Mr Kalim,

You are a stupid person. You believe Mulla Ali Qari was best scholar of the time, who believe that Allah swt can go against what He swt says. But you falsely attribute this verdict to Deoband because you have made your mission to talk foul against Deoband no matter you need to lie about it or not.

Go and check that the statement you are claiming is said by Mulla ali Qari in خلف الوعيد. And Deoband only used that, nothing new. Moreover, Imam Navavi Safa’e also said same belief. So this belief was know among scholars before Deoband.

You are dumb follower and a scam to just foul others.

If Allah s.w.t. has said that He s.w.t. will send non-believers to hell even then He s.w.t. has power to send them to Paradise, but He s.w.t. will not do this with His will. It is belief of all scholars. Now if you want to do propaganda it is up to you.

You can lie, and you do lie, are two entirely separate things. No one ever believed that Allah s.w.t. do lie.


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