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Re: Pray for re-appearance of Imam-E-Zamana (atfs)
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Saturday, 30 June 2018, 7:11 am
In Response To: Pray for re-appearance of Imam-E-Zamana (atfs) (Momin jaafri, Sri Lanka )

"early re-appearance of Imam-E-Zamana"

May I ask what this person achieved or not in his first appearance that he needs to come back and do or succeed at now?

Jesus is reported to have said, as narrated by an unknown author on the authority of nobody, that he has to go away and then return to solve all the problems!

Other saviours who once lived on earth are being eagerly awaited for by their followers who did not solve the problems of their time but will miraculously do so when they come back.

Seems to be a universal theme of people not having the solution to their problems that will be solved by a superman on his re-appearance and are made to believe this by the same religious priesthood that create all of the problems in the first place!

Donald Trump thinks he is a great salesman, he is nothing compared to these people!

My apologies again for saying you are wrong. Most indoctrinated people are not intellectual enough to stop believing in falsehood when the truth is presented to them;group or herd mentality, social engineering, etc.

2:13 And when it is said to them, “Acknowledge the truth as other people have acknowledged”, they retort, "Shall we accept what the foolish accept?" Nay, it is they who are foolish. But they do not know. [Imaan = Belief = Conviction = Acceptance = Acknowledgement = Embracing the truth and promote peace]
2:14 And when they meet those who have chosen to believe, they say, “We have attained belief.” But when they go away to their shayaateen (devilish comrades), they say, "We are with you. We were only mocking.”
2:15 God will return their mockery to them, and leave them to wander in their arrogance, blindly stumbling to and fro.
2:16 They have bought straying at the expense of guidance. But their trade will go bankrupt because they have not set their caravan in the right direction. [Muhtadi = Guided = He who journeys in the right direction]
2:17 Their example is that of a person who lights up a fire without adequate fuel. As soon as brightness surrounds them, the fuel is consumed and God takes away their light leaving them in the dark where they cannot see. [The pursuit of instant gains only grants them a fleeting sense of satisfaction since they have forfeited the long term goal]
2:18 Deaf, dumb and blind of reason! They will not return to journey in the right direction (unless they use reason. 8:22, 16:76, 17:36).

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