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Re: Darululoom Deoband
By:Kalim-Ullah Khan
Date: Thursday, 28 June 2018, 2:33 am
In Response To: Darululoom Deoband (Sultan Azmi, Azamgarh/ Dr Shabbir )

Dauband and Barely are the BIGGEST factory producing ibleesi agents. Formost & Biggest task is to divide the Muslims into so many firqas who fight & kill each other calling each other as KAFIR. Their biggest crime is to say that Qura'n is only for reading in Tarawi and quran-khani for deceased relatives. For practice iblees paid them very high money. And these factories wrote their own books to practice.
For the first 250 years after the Qura'n, nothing else was written. Qura'n was practiced 100 %. Then, 13* different munafiqeen wrote anti Quran books. They also cancelled so many AAYAT from Qura'n and subsituted with ibleesi ayaat. All such schools all over the world doing the same ibleesi work.
Best solution - all mullas in jail for 99 years; all those dirty books banned and collected as fuel for some regular factories.

Kalm-Ullah Khan, Montreal CANADA

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