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Re: The True - Pl do not change this line (Moderat
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 7:44 am
In Response To: The True - Pl do not change this line (Moderators) (A Sayed (South Africa))

We do not need another religion called 'Faith of Abraham' when we have the Qur'an as our Guide. The faith of the Qur'an tells us the do's and don'ts and we have no need to look into the Bible, the mistake of all who mix truth with falsehood, to add to this.

2:2 (Here is the guidance you asked for.) This is a Book whereof there is absolutely no doubt concerning its authority and authenticity. And it leaves no doubts lingering in a seeking mind. It is a Guide for those who wish to journey through life in honor and security.
[Rayib includes the meanings given in the first three lines. This Divine Writ, Al-Qur’an, is a Monograph that, when studied with an open mind, humility and sincerity, finds its own way from the mind to the heart. You will soon notice, as you proceed, that this scripture leaves no lingering doubts in a sincere, seeking mind. If you remember that this is a Book of guidance and treat it as such, the glittering reality will dawn upon you that this is a beacon of light! It is a Guide for all those who wish to journey through life in honor and security - Recorded on parchment (‘Raqq’) by honorable scribes appointed by the Messenger. 52:2-3, 80:11-16. The Almighty Himself guarantees the truth of this revelation, its explanation and its preservation. It is absolutely free of contradictions. Al-Qur’an = The Lecture or Monograph that finds its own way to sincere hearts, becoming Az-Zikr = The Reminder. 4:82, 10:37, 15:9, 29:48-49, 32:2, 52:2-3, 75:17-19, 80:11-16]
2:3 Those who (wish to journey through life in honor and security), believe in the Unseen. and establish the System of Salaat in which the following of Divine commands is facilitated, and keep open for others the resources that We have granted them.
[Establishing Salaat = The System in which Permanent Moral Values rule the hearts and minds of men and women. There are neither masters nor subjects in such a system, since therein prevails the Rule of Law. 2:177, 22:41, 94:7-8. Al-Ghayeb = The Unseen: The likeness of a seed that is beneath the soil hidden from a farmer’s view. Yet the farmer believes that given proper environment and care the seed will sprout. 9:119, 57:20, 89:27-30. Salaat = To follow closely, like a runners-up (Musalli) follows the winning horse (Saabiq) = Follow God’s commands closely. Aqimussallat = Establish the System that facilitates the following of Divine Commands. Zakaat = The Just Economic Order where everyone works according to one’s capacity and is compensated according to the needs. People spend on others or give to the Central Authority (Islamic government) whatever is surplus (2:219). And they do so whenever they earn any income (6:141). The System of Zakaat is managed by the Central Authority that ensures the development of the individuals and the society. The 2.5 percent annual mandatory charity is a non-Qur’anic concept that trivializes the comprehensive Qur’anic System of Zakaat. Also, the problems of Fiqh (minor but confusing and contradictory jurisprudential details about what and who are exempt and what and who are not exempt etc,) make the manmade Zakaat an absolute impossibility. For example, a man with an ounce of gold should not pay Zakaat, but a poor man with 52.5 ounces of silver, the value of which is less than 10% of the former instance, must pay! No wonder, God warns us not make His verses a laughing stock. The Central Authority can vary this percentage according to the changing times and needs of the society. Charity or Sadaqaat are meant only for the interim period whenever the Divinely Prescribed System of Life is not yet in place. For Central Authority, the Qur’an uses the terms Allah and Rasool (3:32). After the exalted Rasool (Messenger), it is obligatory upon the believers to elect their leadership through a consultative process in a manner suitable for the times. The basic difference between the western democracy and the Islamic government: Any legislation can pass with the majority approval in the manmade constitutional democracy. But no law can pass contradicting the Qur’an in a truly Islamic State. That is one reason why the Qur’an generally gives us the basic Rules with details to be decided by people with mutual consultation according to changing times. 42:38. For God’s Right = Divinely ordained right of the poor, see 6:141, 11:64, 55:10]

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