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Safeguarding of the Quran Majeed
By:Daud Munir, Islamabad
Date: Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 12:12 am


The Safeguarding of the Quran Majeed

In yesterday’s meditation, we discussed how the Quran Majid was received, recorded and organized. In today’s meditation, we will examine how it was safeguarded.

The Quran Majid was not the first book revealed by Allah to his people. The Torah, for example, was revealed by Allah to the Jews through Musa Nabi (AS). However, in the Quran Majid, Allah stresses how this book was distorted and changed.

When the Quran Majid was revealed to Rasulullah (SAW), he new that unless the Quran Majid was not safeguarded, then the same fate that happened to the other books of Allah could happen to the Quran Majid.

So, how exactly did Rasulullah (SAW) safeguard the Quran Majid? There are a number of ways in which this was done.

Firstly, as we discussed yesterday, there were 42 scribes of the Quran Majid. This ensured that each ayat was recorded many times, so that there was ample records of every ayat that was revealed.

Secondly, Rasulullah (SAW) ensured that the Quran Majid was recited often. One of the Sunnahs of Rasulullah (SAW) that is present even today is that we begin every religious program and every social program with the recitation of the Quran Majid. This ensures that the Quran Majid was heard often and, with each recital, the love for the Quran Majid was strengthened amongst Muslims.

Thirdly, Rasulullah (SAW) ensured that there was active recitation of the Quran Majid. How was this done? Very simply by reminding us that there is just as much sawab in listening to the Quran Majid as there was in reciting it yourself. This ensured that public recitation was common.

Fourthly, Rasulullah (SAW) encouraged more and more Muslims to learn to write, so that they could write the Quran Majid as well. In fact, after many of the battles that Rasulullah (SAW), the captives would be released in exchange for them teaching Muslims how to write.

Fifthly, and most importantly, Rasulullah (SAW) knew that Arabia was a very nomadic culture that was mostly illiterate. In order for the Quran Majid to continue to be cherished after the death of Rasulullah (SAW), Islam and the Quran Majid needed to be spread to a literate land, where the Quran Majid could be read and appreciated by the majority of the population.

Rasulullah (SAW) had two choices, the Babylonian Empire to the North or Yemen to the South. Rasulullah (SAW) chose Yemen and sent Maulana Ali (AS) to Yemen three times to spread Islam and to ensure that the Quran Majid was preserved by the literate Yemenis.

There is little doubt today that we, as Muslims, have a deep love for the Quran Majid, more so than any other faith has for their Holy books. The reason for this is not an accident, it was purposefully done so that we would protect the Quran Majid from being changed, just like other Holy books of Allah had been.

Today, the key question we must ask ourselves is this, is the Quran Majid that we recite today the same that was revealed by Allah to Rasulullah (SAW)? Has it changed?

Many Muslims believe that it has been and can be because they believe that in each ayyat, each word can be changed by up to 7 equivalent words. When Imam Jaffer-us-Sadiq (AS) was asked if this was the case, his beautiful reply was that the Quran Majid was revealed by one, as one and will remain as one.

It cannot be changed and it never can be.

Indeed, in the Quran Majid itself, Allah himself decrees in Surah Al-Hajr: Inna Nahno Nazzalna zikhro wa inna lahoo la hafezoon. This is an extraordinary and unprecedented ayyat in the Quran Majid as it is the only ayyat in the Quran Majid that Allah begins with 2 we’s (as both inna and nahno mean we) and the remainder of the Ayyat explains that Allah has sent the Quran Majid and Allah will protect it.

As we examine these 2 we’s, we are reminded of what Rasulullah (SAW) said, that he is leaving two things for us to follow, which if we follow, will ensure that we will never go astray, firstly the Quran Majid and, secondly, the Ahlul-Bayt.

Just as Rasulullah (SAW) safeguarded the Quran Majid when it was first revealed, the descendants of Rasulullah (SAW) ensure that the Quran Majid remains safeguarded and the book of Allah remains as it was and its message goes unchanged, until the day of Quayamat.

May Allah give us the strength to treasure and protect the Quran Majid just like Rasulullah (SAW) wanted us to and may we continuously find wisdom, guidance and peace in the word of Allah.