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The Forbidden Tree/Fruit?
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Sunday, 24 June 2018, 10:47 pm
In Response To: Re: The True Religion is NOT a Fantasy! (Saeed Qureshi, TX)


According to the Qur'an, [allegorical story] Adam & Eve [early humans] were lured into eating the Forbidden Fruit but they asked forgiveness and God forgave them. Satan, on the other hand, through self-glorification, refused to submit before Adam saying that he [Satan] had been created out of fire and thus he was superior to mankind that were created with clay. Further, Satan, instead of admitting his fault, said that he was only subject to Divine will. There goes the philosophy of free will as well as the insignificance of lineage.

Now what was the Forbidden Fruit?

Contrary to the Bible, it was not the tree of knowledge, and neither Mullah's 'sexual pleasure' nor 'wheat grain'. The Forbidden Fruit refers to divisions and branching of humanity into sects and parties like the branches of a tree.

See how beautifully Allama Iqbal describes it:



Al-Qur'an QXP

2:34 And when We said to the angels, “Humble yourselves and be subservient to Adam-mankind, they instantly complied humbling themselves. But Iblees (Satan) refused because of self-glorification, and so became a rejecter of the Divine command. [Thus, God endowed mankind with the ability to harness the forces in Nature through science. There is, however, an internal domain He has designed within humans, Nafs or ‘Self’ - Call it ‘I’, ‘Self’, ‘Ego’, ‘Personality’, ‘I-am-ness’, ‘Me’. This has been placed for the humans to exercise free will and achieve personal growth or self-actualization. But this ’self’ is vulnerable to the evil prompting of its own intrinsic selfish desire or from extrinsic sources. In that situation the ’self’ rebels against the higher controls of human judgment, and more importantly, against the revealed Moral Values. This rebellious state of the ’self’ has the ability to rationalize its desire and emotions through the intellect. And this rebellious state of the ‘Ego’ is Satan or Iblees. It was this Iblees that refused to humble itself to the higher human controls of judgment and Divine Commands. Incidentally, the Qur’an nowhere mentions a human ’soul’, ’spirit’ or ’spirituality’. Iblees = Deprived one = Hopeless = Frustrated = Desperate = Regretful = Rebellious state of the human ’self’ that drifts away from the Divine Commands. Iblees wishes to escape personal responsibility by blaming God for its own misdeeds. See 7:16. Sajdah = Prostration = Complete submission = Willful obedience = Utter humility = Adoration = Utmost commitment to Divine will = Humbling one’s own self]

2:35 We told Adam, “O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in this Garden which is Paradise and partake the fruit thereof when and where you please. But do not go near this branching Tree (of Selfishness). Or, you will become of the wrongdoers.” [If you branch off into castes, sects, and rivalry, you shall replace your Paradise with Hell. 2:213, 4:65 10:19, 20:117-118. Zulm = To displace something from its rightful place = Replace good with evil = Relegate the truth = Transgression = Oppression = Violation of human rights = Wrongdoing. Adam and his wife indicate early humans]

2:36 But Satan caused them both (men as well as women) to stumble therein and got them out of the happy state they were in. And so We said, “Degraded you have become with wedges of discord among yourselves. There shall be for you habitation and livelihood on earth for a while.” [Their straying egos and selfish desires had clashed and led them into dividing among themselves for the pursuit of self-interest. Humanity fell from the height of felicity into contention and rivalry. The plentiful provision of the land that used to be open for all became a matter of private ownership and hoarding. They have since been living in a state of continuous toil, turmoil and strife]

2:37 (The solution to this catastrophe was beyond human re-dress.) Then Adam received words of guidance from his Lord and He accepted his repentance. Certainly, He is the Acceptor of repentance, the Most Merciful. [Adam = Aadam = Man. His wife = Woman. Udma = Ability to live together as a community. Aadam from Udma thus, indicates humankind. The word “Eve” or Hawwa is not mentioned in the Qur’an. She is described with dignity as Mer’a-til-Aadam = Wife of Adam = Mrs. Adam. The Qur’an adopts the beautiful method of either gently correcting or ignoring the errors in other Scriptures. It does not repeat the Biblical fallacy of ‘Eve’ having been created from Adam’s rib. Both erred and both repented and God treated them equally. 7:23-24. Taubah = Repentance = Returning to the right path = Realizing one's fault and taking corrective action. 4:17, 4:18, 5:39, 3:89, 6:54, 16:119, 24:5, 25:71]

2:38 We said, “For now, all of you are degraded to a lower level of existence, out of this state of felicity (paradise). But, when guidance comes to you from Me, those who will follow My guidance, on them shall be no fear from without, nor shall they grieve from within.” [Note here the multiple plural ‘all of you’ confirming that Adam and his wife are allegorical terms for the humankind. As mentioned earlier, the noun ‘Eve’ is nowhere mentioned in the Qur’an, once again Adam denoting humankind. Khauf = Fear from without. Huzn = Intrinsic depression or grief = Unhappiness = Regret]

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