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Will Jesus return?
By:Kaukab Siddique, Baltimore
Date: Sunday, 24 June 2018, 3:52 pm

Obviously the Qur'an does not say that he, ISA pbuh, will return.

I have read the hadith. Here is the issue:

1, None of the kitab al Iman say that you have to believe in his return. Not one. Remember I have the books of Hadith.

2. NONE of the Ashara mubashira, none of the senior sahaba, reported anything about his return.

3. It goes against FINALITY of prophethood. The DEEN has been completed. Our leader is Muhammad, pbuh, not Isa, pbuh.
I know the excuses made about this issue but those are very weak.

Such hadith cannot be accepted in matters of Iman, heaven and hell. Iman is stated clearly in the Qur'an 2:177.

Kaukab Siddique, PhD

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