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A Mullah questions Saeed Siddiq
By:Saeed Siddiq vs Sadr-ud-Din, Pakistan
Date: Sunday, 17 June 2018, 3:35 pm

1. Islam has become the worst exploited religion in Pakistan. Every big Mulla has his own religious group and party with thousand of blind followers to divide and rule us in religious matters and rituals.

ANSWER: Please name the Mullahs and their sects you are complaining about. Although, all the sects are open and their practices too are open, nothing secret. Except the Agakhani cult is secret and the worst one, as it has no Islamic practices yet using the fake ID of Islam and Shia Muslim.

2. No government is brave enough to face and ban them as Islam is a state subject under our Constitution. The image of Islam as a peaceful and progressive religion has been spoiled by the exploiting Mulla community. We should all request the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Saqib Nisar to order the government to nationalize all Masajid/Madressahs and upgrade the theological Madressaahs to schools with Quran and its translation/explanation as one of the subjects.

ANSWER: No, Govt. is not brave enough to declare Agakhani cult as anti-Islam. They have declared Ahmadiya as non-Muslim. Let us see which one is more dangerous.

4. The 'Hud Haram' big Mullas have their own brand of Mosques and Madressahs every where, legally and illegally, and they receive donations in the name of their Madressaahs not only from our government and public but also financed by Saudi Arabia.

ANSWER: You should stop your hatred of Madrassah. there is nothing wrong in teaching Arabic Quran.

It is the best to teach Arabic Quran reading. So what if they get financial help from the Gov. or Saudi Arabia. You should speak against the looting of our blood money by the fake Imam Agakhan.

5. The Madressahs are turning out extremist Mulla generation instead of well educated and knowledgeable generation needed in our country.

Answer: Stop your nonsense, most idiotic opinion that is out of jealousy and hatred of Islam.

Proving you are Agakhani Imami Jihadi.

6. The best solution is Pakistan being an Islamic state, all Masajid and Madressahs be nationalized in the interest of Islam to promote One Ummah concept with moderation as Ummath Wasth as per Quran. Such illegal Masajid/Madressahs built in parks, play grounds, open plots and on big road intersections and near to each other may be boldly dismantled.

Answer: Your hatred of Islamic practices is visible-crystal clear.

You desire the 'fake Imam's way of moderation' and 'pluralism' , which is anti-Islam.

7 As in Arabia no such illegal Masjid and near to each other are allowed to be built and neither they call such Masajid as House of Allah to make money and to prevent them from dismantling.

Answer: Yes the cultic illegal places, sectarian Musallah, or temple Jamat khanas aren't allowed in S. Arabia. But the Islamic Masjids are allowed. Agakhanis have their temple Jamat khanas in a secret building in Saudi Arabia.


Answer: All the Masjids are house of Allah where you only pray and worship Allah. Not the Jamat khana where you worship human god. Think twice before you blabber like you are on drugs.

9. All other Masajid are simply prayer houses only. The exploiting Mullas know we lack Quranic knowledge to challenge them. There is 'NO BINDING' of Allah that the non-Arabic Ajami Muslims should either learn Arabic to read and understand the Holy Quran or otherwise to simply read/recite and do memorization/Hifz of Quran without understanding and depend on Mullas for 'misguidance' instead of Allah. Allah is not Arabic knowing only and HIS previous three Holy Books were bestowed not in Arabic but in different languages of the time to warn and guide the then erring and deviated humanity to HIS Right Path.

Answer: You are definitely on drugs either opium from Afghanistan or Marijuana. You hate Arabic just like the fake Imam Agakhan does because he can't read Arabic. Reading Quran in Arabic is the best deed, but the kufars won't understand it as they at jealous hate-mongers.

10. Hence being a Universal religion/Deen , we non- Arabic Muslims should read the translation/explanation of Holy Quran again and again to understand Islam correctly to avoid all exploitation, deviations, falsehood, false promises, lies, false oaths, extremism, Talibanism, excesses and over-acting in religious matters and rituals, practice of Shirk, Bidah and un Islamic customs. Only such Hadiths may be accepted which do not violate Quranic Mohukamath. Be bold to reject weak and fabricated Hadiths etc. commonly quoted and exploited by the Mullas to lengthen their Khitabs/speeches to waste our time and energy. The Hadiths were written after more than 150 years after the demise of our noble Prophet and thereafter they were corrected and manipulated so much so we usually search for Sahih Hadiths which MUST be according to Quran only. As per Quran, Allah's Words are neither changeable nor amendable not even by our Prophet. Thanks. Please circulate particularly to ignorant Namaziz who follow the Mullas instead of Allah.

Moulvi Saeed Siddique