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Everyday is 'Fathers Day'
By:Gurvinder Singh, Batala
Date: Sunday, 17 June 2018, 12:32 am

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The Wrath of Father
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Maybe its a coincidence, but whenever I spiritually drifted away from my parents, life grew cruel, and whenever I was a loving and respectful son who cared for their wishes I prospered and was happy.

Do blessings and curses of parents have any effect?

I recall, about an Uncle of mine in Thailand, and his tortured existence as he suffered because of his father's curse.

Love or hate, blessings or curses, they are manifestations of the same spiritual energy. Two sides of the same coin.

About this Uncle.
In 1964 the Burmese government nationalised all private property, reducing to zero the wealth and liberty of most Indians. Faced with a bleak future, Indians tried to flee.
My extremely wealthy and honourable grand-uncle had wisely retained his wealth not in cash but precious rubies. He arranged to have them smuggled out from Burma to his youngest son in Bangkok, so that his large family could start life all over again, if they could escape from Burma.

This uncle in Bangkok received all the wealth and set up a very successful business. When his brothers escaped from Burma they called upon this uncle. Sadly he turned his back on his brothers claiming that all he received was a pittance and the wealth that the brothers saw was the result of his personal effort and therefore they could not expect anything from him.

The heartbroken brothers felt cheated by their youngest brother. They dispersed all over the world and started to successfully rebuild their lives all over again from scratch. They had neither the time nor the energy for conflict and revenge. They simply stopped thinking of their enormous wealth and a brother, as if he never ever existed at all.

My grand-uncle was an extremely clever, innovative, hard working man. He was one of Burma's wealthiest men, and a deeply spiritual person. The shock of the betrayal of his son so traumatised him that he fell il and soon thereafter passed away, a sad and bitter man. On his death bed he cursed his son; " He who tries to build fortunes on the back of stolen wealth will never enjoy the fortune and will suffer all his life."

It appears from visible facts that the curse had all but destroyed my uncle and his family. Soon after my Grand Uncle's death in Burma, this uncle in Thailand fell seriously ill and his business also suffered.

My parents described their meeting with this Uncle.

For 30 years this uncle suffered. One by one the systems in his body failed and gradually he lost the use of his body. He lay on his bed in his fabulous mansion, surrounded day and night by a battery of doctors and nurses , all alone with no meaningful family, friends nor companions.

The puncture made in his throat by his doctors permitted him to breathe and to be fed by various tubes. A sad sight he made in addition to the almost unbearable eerie rasping noise his breathing made.

This almost completely paralysed and very ill man, my uncle, the owner of tens of millions of dollars, had no control of his own life and body. He could partially move his fingers on one hand. His torment was magnified by an extremely alert mind as he wallowed in his misery. My uncle was prepared to give up all his wealth to make right his folly and greed, alas it was too late. His father and most of his family had passed away a long time ago. He had no one to make peace with.

Fathers are difficult people and they often embarrass and exasperate us. But, if we look beyond the obvious, and at the sublime we will catch a glimpse of The Creator. God is often experienced through our parents.

Its never too late to begin. This father's day may be a good time to once again start cherishing our parents. Not only tell them, but show them, that we love them and deserve their blessings and love.

To love and cherish anyone is to appreciate them, to be humble enough to overlook their weaknesses, to love them for their strengths and all the goodness they have showered on us and fear them for their wrath.

I pray that all those that have had the good fortune of receiving the love and blessing of their parents continue to do so. For those that have unfortunately lost that love and goodwill, will in the coming days have the opportunity to earn their blessings and love once again.

Actually, Everyday is 'Fathers Day'