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O' Muslims! Youtube is Gup Shup Corner
By:Hanif Patel, India
Date: Wednesday, 13 June 2018, 5:16 pm

Youtube is Gup Shup Corner
*** Very true that the Prophet married 11 times.
*** Very true that He married the daughters of Abu Bakar & Omer Bin Khatab.
*** Very true the age difference existed.
*** Why you are so touchy all about this truth.
*** Where it is written that one must keep an age difference restricted while wedding?
*** In the matter of sex human have one and only one culture and tradition.
*** In every generation they played the same game.
*** Unfortunate as it is: The Hindi Muslims adopted the Hindu tradition of declaring One Woman At A Time.
*** Hindu tradition also not impose a restriction of age.
*** Abraham married his step- sister. What did David do? Soloman & Shieba?
*** Marcon of France- Trump of America and there are millions of other.
*** Go to Bulgaria purchase a woman from a Bride Market Euro 100 to 10000.

PS: 90% Hindi Muslims including you are Arabs- Turkish- Persian- Afghan and other races. Jamaluddin should know his race. If you are living in Germany live like a German. Learn the History of Germans. What they were and what are they, today.