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Re: Quran 40:46
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Monday, 11 June 2018, 8:14 am
In Response To: Quran 40:46 (irfan ahmad)

People suffer a 'fire' in this life by doing wrong which brings about wrong results. The symbolism of fire is used because no matter what you do, wrong will always result in nothing, just like fire consumes and turns to ash everything in its path.

The next fire is the one in the hereafter after we are all raised back to life on Judgement Day and until then we are dead, buried and not aware of anything, a nothing state, and after this Day we will be punished in hellfire or rewarded for our deeds during this life.

No Mulla reads the Qur'an in context and do they have fairy tales for rewards in the grave for those who do good? You know what they tell us about the heavenly delights awaiting us so if some get punishment in the hereafter which starts in the grave, I want to know if good people have a starter course of rewards in the grave.

Read in context for the two fires:

40:41 O My people! What is my personal benefit that I call you to freedom from grief whereas you invite me to the fire?
40:42 You call me to disbelieve in God and ascribe to Him partners of whom I have no knowledge, while I invite you to the Almighty, the Forgiving.
40:43 No doubt, what you invite me to call upon is futile in this world and in the Hereafter. To God is our return, and those who waste their human potential will be dwellers of the fire.
40:44 You will soon come to remember what I am saying to you now. I commit my affair to God. God is Seer of His servants."
40:45 And God protected him (the believer) from their evil scheming while suffering was to surround Pharaoh’s people -
40:46 The Fire that they will be exposed to day and night - And on the Day when the Hour dawns it will be said, "Cast Pharaoh's people into the toughest penalty." [7:133, 28:42]
40:47 They will dispute with each other in the fire. The commoners will say to the leaders, "We were following you. Can you, then, take away some of the fire from us?" [14:21, 33:67, 34:32, 37:27-29, 38:60]
40:48 The leaders will respond, "We are all in it together. Surely, God has judged between His servants."
40:49 And those in the fire will say to the keepers of Hell, "Ask your Lord on our behalf to lighten for us one day of this torment."
40:50 But (the keepers) will say, "Is it not that your Messengers came to you with all evidence of the truth?" They will answer, "Yes, indeed." And the keepers will respond, "Pray, then! But the prayer of those without faith is nothing but wandering in error.”
40:51 We do help Our Messengers and those who truly attain belief, in this world and on the Day when the witnesses shall stand up. [On the Resurrection Day, humans will have a newly awakened consciousness within themselves]

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