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Rituals are inescapable
By:Engr Awais Durrani slamabad
Date: Monday, 11 June 2018, 3:07 am

Image and symbolism indicate customs, rituals, rites and/or traditions of a particular culture of a profession, career or job-oriented employment. Projecting the right image is important to getting your message across.
The choice of dress is intended to enhance or reinforce a certain image in the mind of the beholder that coincides with the nature of their profession. Unifoorms are also used to convey rank and status and, perhaps, to be a bit intimidating. Senior police and military officers have stars, ribbons, peak caps and swag sticks to denote their elevated positions, while airline captains have four stripes on their shoulders. Pakistani political figures wear local headgear and ajraks and use phrases to identify with their constituents. Religious figures use ornate robes and headgear to project an aura of elevated status. Their throne-like seats and protective circle of hangers-on add to the sense of distance-from-authority which seem to increase their holiness.
Symbolism is deeply entrenched through the association with our choice of attire. This is why athletes have specially designed uniforms incorporating their team colours. Schools use uniforms to encourage affiliation with the institute.
Think of it; it has its own significance.