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Quran 40:46
By:irfan ahmad
Date: Sunday, 10 June 2018, 8:46 am


I request my learned brothers and sister to guide me on the subject verse. Most of the N2I in Pakistan argue that there is Azaab-e-Qabar.. They first try to use men written hadith books as their source (which is of no value) but when asked to quote from Quran they come up with the subject verse.

The Fire that they will be exposed to day and night - And on the Day when the Hour dawns it will be said, 'Cast Pharaoh's people into the toughest penalty.[40:46]

I do understand that following verses speak against the concept of Azaab -e Qabar and Quran being Perfect and Consistent Book can not have conflicting Message:

And when the Trumpet is blown, out of their disintegrated states to their Lord they will run. They will say, “Oh, woe to us! Who has awakened us from our beds of sleep? This is what the Beneficent promised, and the Messengers spoke the truth.[36:51-52]

When you call them (the dead ‘saints’), they do not even hear your call, and even if they were to hear they would not be able to respond to you. On the Day of Resurrection they will disown your ‘partnership’. And none can inform you like the One Who is Aware.[35:14]

On the Day when the Hour rises, the guilty will swear that they lived in this world no more than an hour, In fact, they were wandering aimlessly through life. But those who have been endowed with knowledge and conviction will say, 'You did last within God's decree, until the Resurrection Day. (Your own 'self' never died.) Now, this is the Resurrection Day that you never acknowledged.[30:55-56]

You are but a warner to him who stands in awe of it. On the Day when they see it, it will be as if they had lived no longer than an evening or its morning.[79:45-46]

And on the Day when He will gather them, they will think they lived (in this world) an hour of the day, recognizing one another. (Others will think it was a day or a few days) Lost will be those who denied meeting with God, and thus, failed to be rightly guided. [10:45]

The Day when the Trumpet is blown - On that Day We will assemble the guilty with their eyes dimmed in fear. Whispering among themselves, 'You lived but ten days.'We know best what they will say. The most perceptive of them will say, 'You have lived but a day.‘[20:102-104]

He will ask, 'What number of years did you spend on earth?'They will say, 'We stayed a day or part of a day. But ask those who keep count. He will say, 'You stayed only a little, if you had only realized then!‘[23:112-14]

He suspends your consciousness during sleep at night, and knows what you do by day, when awake. He resurrects you every morning until your life span is completed. Death is, likewise, a temporary suspension of consciousness and afterward to Him is your return Then, He will inform you of what you really accomplished.[6:60]

(Only the living of the mind and heart can make choices in this world.) It is God Who takes their consciousness upon death, and of the living during their sleep. He withholds it for those upon whom He has passed the decree of death, and restores the others until an appointed time (according to His Laws). Herein are signs for people who think.[39:42]

So i am seeking guidance here to get exact understanding of 40:46.? Which Fire they will be exposed day and night?

I would be grateful.



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