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Re: The true Islam
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Tuesday, 5 June 2018, 7:53 am
In Response To: The true Islam (Badar Kanwar, USA)

"O you, lacking attention, those who want to become safe and secure; the absolute abstinence is required in fleeing from your self-transformation into possessing knowledge gained by study, just like those before you, who transformed into having knowledge gained by study. Only then perhaps you could hope to be preserved from all fears."

You cannot flee from self-transformation as abstinence is required to transform you based upon knowledge.
What you are trying to say has been negated by your rendition of "fleeing from your self-transformation"!

Badar, we have had your posts in the past and all of them lack proper sentence formation and make little sense. For you to give us a better understanding of the verses you need to give us a clearer translation which makes contextual sense, written so that the meaning is self evident.
I continue to struggle to understand what you want to say as evidenced by my repeated reading over and over again of what you write.

No doubt we will have those who do not contribute positively on this forum ridiculing you but that is not the 'Islamic' way; you should be defeated intellectually, not with insults or bottom of the barrel comments.Watch this space for the usual suspects!

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