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Rohingyas and-dictatorial-hasina
By:M. Asghar, Bangladesh
Date: Monday, 4 June 2018, 4:24 pm

(2) http://www.countercurrents.org/2017/10/09/bangladesh-myanmar-and-the-rohingyas-is-hasina-hopelessly-deserted-by-her-immediate-neighbors/;

Quote: "Myanmar, being a pariah, militaristic, communal, and sectarian Buddhist state with the powerful neighbors on its side—some of them veto-wielding at the UN—,will never care for the internationally weak and domestically fascistic Hasina’s diplomatic overtures made for her by her old and unimpressive diplomats. Both the Muslim Hasina and her Buddhist counterpart in Myanmar are equally fascist to their own people. Hasina should first see her own face in the mirror before she criticizes Myanmar for violating human rights.

Secondly, having persecuted them for ages and having brutally expelled and uprooted them daily and having burnt and beaten them away into Bangladesh, the barbaric Buddhist Myanmar, its marauding Buddhist military, and its militant monks would never accept to take them back—the linguistically, ethnically, and religiously different poor Rohingyas, although they have lived there as Arakanese/Rakhine Rohingyas for hundreds of years, like many other ethnic groups in Myanmar itself and elsewhere in the world. In all likelihood, they seem to have been able to make their risky, harrowing, and hazardous journey into refuge in Bangladesh only to stay there forever.

To repeat, Myanmar would never take the Rohingyas back. If it would have taken them back, why is it that it has beaten and driven them into Bangladesh, in the first place? It may at best take back the small number of Hindu Rohingyas as an eyewash and the return of the rest would be a daydream for Hasina. Since they are linguistically, religiously and ethnically similar to Bangladesh, she should start the process of integrating and assimilating them into the mainstream population without strutting and fretting about the process of repatriation, which would never happen. As a catalytic by-product, she got a lot of international publicity and may even hope for a default Nobel. Myanmar knows she is extremely weak and divisive at home and would love to get a Nobel as a cover. So this is the opportunity for Myanmar to push the Rohingyas into Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has therefore two choices only. Either it keeps the linguistically, ethnically, and religiously similar Rohingyas, makes them its own, and accommodates and integrates them with its mainstream local and native population; or: —, ..........."