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The Gracious Quraan
By:Ahmad Zaki Hammad, Cairo
Date: Saturday, 2 June 2018, 4:08 pm

Bismillah Arrehman Arrahim

The Gracious Quraan

Written by Ahmad Zaki Hammad:

“No man seeking to live in the same world as Islam, and to understand the affairs of Islam, can afford to regard lightly, or to judge ignorantly, the Book that is called the Qur’an….. It surely deserves and demands to be more widely known and better comprehended in the West.” A.J. Arberry, The Holy Koran, An Introduction with Selections (1953)

“Righteousness in the sight of God is not the mere turning of your faces towards the East or the West. Rather true righteousness dwells in one who believes in God and in the coming Judgment of the Last Day, and in the angels and in every revealed Book and in all the Prophets; and dwells in one, despite his love for - - - gives of his wealth in charity to close relatives and orphans, and to the indigent and the wayfarer, and to beggars, and for the emancipation of slaves; and dwells in one who establishes the Prayer and gives the Zakat-Charity, and dwells in all those who fulfill their covenant when they make a covenant when they make a covenant, as well as in those who are patient during periods of affliction and harm and times of conflict. These are the ones who have been true hearted, and it is such as these who are the God-fearing.” (Surat Al-Baqarah, 2:177)

“Do you not see how God has set forth this parable? A good word of faith, in witness of One God, is like a good tree: Its roots are set firm, and its branches are In Heaven.” (Surat Ibrahim, 14:24).

From: Ahmad Zaki Hamad, Ph. D., 24 Rabi Al Thani 1429

30 April 2008, Cairo, Egypt.