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Re: Women dress code restrictions in EU
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Friday, 1 June 2018, 1:32 pm
In Response To: Women dress code restrictions in EU (Shenaz Kermalli, Sweden)

When you follow/practice anything that Allah has not mandated, being man made, then you are open to this happening to you.
We can congratulate the European nations for trying to bring back the human face of our females. Maybe now people will see them for what they are and if they have any sense this will be positive:

48:29 Muhammad is God’s Messenger. And those who are with him are stern towards the deniers, and compassionate among themselves. You can see them bowing, adoring (Him), as they seek God’s bounty and acceptance. Their signs (of belief) are on their faces, the effects of adoration. Such is their likeness in the Torah and their likeness in the Gospel. They are like a seed that brings forth its shoot, and then He strengthens it, so that it grows stout, and then stands firm on its stem, delighting those who have sown it. As a result it enrages the deniers at them. And God promises forgiveness and an immense reward to those who attain belief and do acts of beneficence. [The very first sentence in this verse says, Muhammad-ur-Rasoolullah (Muhammad is God’s Messenger.) Recently, some factions that try to belittle the exalted Prophet, have been falsely claiming that this utterance is ascribed in the Qur’an only to the hypocrites in verse 63:1. How can they miss 48:29? Athar-is-sujood is frequently mistranslated as the physical mark on the forehead resulting from regular prostration. But Wajh = Countenance = Whole being = Face, and not forehead. In addition, the verses of the Bible that the Qur’an is referring to, make no mention of any physical marks on the foreheads or faces. Sujood = Adoration = Prostrations = Complete submission. ‘Signs on their faces’ = Reflection of faith in the believer’s mannerism. Torah and Gospel: Numbers16:22. Mark 4: 27-28 – Mathew 13:3-9]

Mullas do not count women as supporting the Divine Mission of the Messenger- establishing a just social and economic system and it is to their shame that women accept this position!

39:39 Say, "O My people! Do all that is in your power. As for me, I will continue my work. But soon you will find out -
39:40 As to who faces the torment of humiliation and deserves the lasting doom.” [6:135, 11:93-121, 20:135, 39:39]
39:41 (O Prophet) We have revealed to you this Book expounding the truth for all mankind. Then whoever chooses guidance benefits his own ‘self’. And whoever chooses to be lost, he strays only to his own detriment. You are not a custodian over them, nor can you determine their fate. [Wakeel = Advocate, guardian, warder, warden, defender, custodian, responsible for the outcome]

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