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Momineen obeying Imam e Zamana
By:Mukhtar Alam, Hunza
Date: Thursday, 31 May 2018, 6:31 pm

Momineen obeying Imam e Zamana are from across the world speaking diverse languages.Qawwalies in Urdu are as good as Gujrati ginans .What is root affirmation? Wilayat of Mowla Ali Noorun ala Noor. Momineen and mominaat pledged to Imam e Zamana would have the reckoning of being Siddique and Siddiqua NOT these pasting the words Siddique and Siddiqua for deluding the status of being Siddique and Siddiqua. Imam e Zamana is YAAD ALLAH and those pledged to him are the ones who would have eternal wellbeing for their deeds of obedience.

Screwing around, you Kaukab remain gripped by the Satan for aping DOGS of FIRE like Ather Mohiuddin calling Imam e Zamana an apostate NAUZOBILLAH. You are an apostate since you had pledged allegiance to Imam e Zamana and NOW you are a clear FASIQ (one who has broken the oath of allegiance /bayat for Imam e Zamana.

You are converted to Satanism of Dogs of Fire like Kaukab and Ather. Do you think, they do not have sense for this???

Is there any generating blasphemy against the Imam e Zamana? Even if, they would have, they would have attracted the curse of Allahussamad decreed in Sura Kauthar.

Sufi Islam+ allegiance to Fatimid KHALIFATULLAH is the journey for all saluting prophet Muhammad SUH and HP.

You may enjoy this for cleaning out your soul from the slaves of accursed Satan. May Allahussamad bless you and all have clear sense for the month of Ramadhan having the blessed night of Lailatul Qadr. I am calling for new Ghadir KHUM calendar learning from a calendar scholar in order to synchronizing the Ramadhan season of the battle of Badr. Wake up and stop moving deeper in Satanism holding the hands of live Satanists.

Letter to James Robertson, Self-Declared Emissary of YAH informing on the code of peace of mind for 7.5 billion commune of Adam SUH with information on the presence of divinely chosen existing in the chain of Imams in the posterity of Prophet Muhammad SUH and HP.