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Hijab in World Scriptures
By:Gulshan Alawi, UAE
Date: Thursday, 31 May 2018, 3:50 pm

'Hijab' is not a new law. The Jewish women and Hindu women were also ordered by the divine to cover in pre-Islamic Biblical period.

Genesis 24:65; Rebekah covered her face with the Veil when Prophet Isaac came to see her for marriage. Same Veil is worn by Afghani women (ex-Israelite) and the old Judaism law including the law of Stoning to death is still practiced even after converting to Islam. (Doc. by wonderful Jewish Brethren Simcha Jacobvich-Archaeologist).

Even the beloved Mother of Messiah Jesus (AS) H. Mary (RA) wore a full Hijab.

To remove misconception of 'Hijab' the picture of H. Mary should also be put on that Bus Ad. to teach about Divine Scriptural Religions.

Islam is the continuation of past divine law, reviving the almost -same law of Creator-GOD. Everyone of HIS laws are for the safety and security for the mankind.
It is not a man-made religious law that leads to the darkness of the Black Hole.
The Jews, Christians and Muslims are the holder of Divine Revelations and has much more in common religiously. They are intertwined, like the Olympic colorful Rings: millions of Muslims are still the same Jews, Christians, Israelites, Arabs etc with the still same DNA-GENES, who accepted the final legislated Revelation qualified (passing final Grade) to get the title of 'Muslim'.

Without accepting the final Revelation one cannot use the title 'Muslim'.

But it is the fake ones are ruining and fighting against the Divine and misleading mankind.
Like Rev. Dr Meredith (www.tomorrowsworld.org) mentions: "Satan's counterfeit Christianity". Like we the converts call fake Muslims: "Satan's counterfeit Islam".

Though, if the fake Imam Agakhan cannot understand the importance of Divine law then we can't blame others for their ignorance.

Since I converted to Islam - wearing Hijab I was abused Cyber bullied by the Agakhani Imami Jihadi gang members as per the order of god Agakhan an atheist who hates Islam and that's why the separate religion of Hindu-Ismailism was created in opposition to Islam and practiced secretly in the Jamat khana temple.

Yet, the fake Imam is using the fake ID of Islam for his cult, and fake ID of Shia Muslim when there is not a word of Islam in his cult but hatred of Islam and Quran and the followers were ordered to throw away the Quran and just obey him as god.

His religious and financial fraud is as high as the Sky, but no one can touch him as he has the world leaders in his packets - and under his shoes.
Let us first of all teach about Islam then only the hatred will go off.

Let us put the picture of Kaba and explain the reality of first house of Prayer first built by Prophet Adam (AS) then re-built by Prophet Abraham (AS) and his son Prophet Ismael (AS).

Islam is protecting the previous Scriptural religions, re-introducing the original Scriptures and all the Biblical Prophets and Messengers.

The worst ignorance and illiteracy is not knowing about Prophets Noah (AS), Lot (AS), Israel-Jacob (AS), Moses (AS) Jesus (AS) etc.

Not our fault. It is the fault of Dajjaal-anti-Christ who is very active in misleading mankind against the Creator. According to the Bible and Islamic prophecies.