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Re: Confused
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 8:16 am
In Response To: Confused (Mehdi Ali Khan)

Read the Quran in multiple translations or use Quran as it explains itself by Dr Shabbir to understand the Quran as best you can.

Pick a topic, word search the Quran and read what it says and then you can judge what you have to believe as opposed to what you are told to believe.

This will remove the confusion and turn it to anger as most of what you are told is 'Islam' is nothing but ancestral tales and made up rulings to change the pure Deen of Allah and His Quran into a ritualised religion- where do you stick your finger in namaaz becomes the topic of the day instead of how to solve poverty!

Most people follow the crowd of their upbringing, so it is not easy realising you have been duped, but keep at it in whatever capacity you have and learn as much as you can.

I do not have to remind you that in Pakistan anyone speaking against the mullas and their sheep turns them into wolves, so be careful!

Shangrila, leave spelling to english lessons and answer the questions posed.

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