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Re: A few quick questions
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 8:00 am
In Response To: A few quick questions (Muhammad Ali, Karachi)

There is no ritual namaz in the Quran so it is an innovation. The Quran says it is complete and fully detailed so it has everything we need to make a heaven on earth and in the hereafter. What is not in the Quran is left for us to consult over and decide. What we cannot do is make something a religious obligation, a sunnah, when the Sunnah of the Messenger was to follow only the Quran.

How Allah works, through malaikha or using Messengers to pass on His message is left to Allah and any fairy tale story should be treated as such and not believed. If it is not in the Quran but attributed to the Messenger, then know that the Messenger only received the Quran as revelation and nothing else so where did these stories come from?

As the Quran was the only Revelation given to the Messenger then these 'conversations' are fairy tales. He heard bells and recited the Quran is another stupid, devoid of wisdom ancestral tale some believe!

The Quran has levels of wisdom for example Moses told to take off his shoes means holy ground to some but to others it meant that he had reached the end of his journey for seeking knowledge-he 'saw the light'. Take what you want with whatever intellectual level you have

Individuals will be judged by Allah as to what they did with what they have and I agree the Saud family are a travesty for Islam, but I will let Allah Judge them.

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