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Re: The Sialkot Mosque
By:Mubaschir, Canada
Date: Monday, 28 May 2018, 5:24 pm
In Response To: Re: The Sialkot Mosque (Shravan India)

Salam Sharavan

I don't subscribe to Ahmediyyat; All I wanted to point out that Dr Zia is and Ahmedi. He has the right to practice his faith which is not ours but this forum needs to know where he is coming from.

You could not read the Urdu part I posted. It says the Ahmedis, on their website, do not post that their "Prophet" and his "Khalifa" declared all those Muslims who do not accept Mirza Ghulam Qadiani as a prophet are unbelievers. Therefore to talk about Muslim Brotherhood by an Ahmedi does not makes sense.

Anyway, thanks for your question as it is better to speak up and ask than to assume.

The Admins of this forum must decide if they wish to continue posting Dr. Zia's messages!

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