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We must be our own
By:Silky Kaur, Amritsar
Date: Friday, 25 May 2018, 11:20 pm

We must be our own, before we can be another’s.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Once a man came to the Guru.
He told the Guru, "I want to give so much love and compassion to the world. Please tell me how I must go about it?"
The Guru merely nodded his head but did not say anything.
The man repeated his request several times and the Guru never said anything.
Eventually when the man asked the Guru for the fifth time, he responded.
"You can only give what you possess".
I love me - 3up4

We all live these duplicitous lives. Being something and someone but portraying ourselves differently. Trying to be like someone else, without possessing the necessary ingredients, character or passion.

We use our wealth, beauty, intelligence, knowledge and charm seeking to become loved and accepted by others.

How can we be genuinely accepted by others when we have failed to accept ourselves as who and what we are?

We must be our own, before we can be another’s.