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Want to live and work in America?
By:Gurvinder Singh, Batala
Date: Friday, 25 May 2018, 1:33 am

Want to live and work in America?
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As per many reports The US government had changed its rules and now 500,000 Indians living in America have begun preparations for returning to India.
This could be a boon to India and maybe even for those returning back to India. However many Indians who had arrived in America under the H-1B visa regime in America feel their future is being compromised and their prosperity is at stake. Many of them applicants for the famous USA Green Card (Right of Residency)

Those who have money are opting now for the EB-5 Visa. Wherein an individual can obtain a Green Card for themselves and their dependent by investing US$ 1 million in a business in America in a very short time.

When an American friend of mine Gene Smith, mentioned how he was helping build his businesses by helping foreigners to get a Green Card and emigrate to America, on a fast track (approx. 2 years) under the EB5 visa investor program, I discovered a way to be of useful to my friends and associates not only in India but in various parts of the world.

I used to frown upon 'The Brain Drain', for 3 decades, only to realise many years ago that people never forget their roots. A significant portion of the material and intellectual wealth they acquire eventually returns back to their roots, making India and Indians stronger.

We always think about Information technologists, Computer engineers, doctors, engineers, as emigrating but one of the most successful are entrepreneurs and business people. They have flourished in the American landscape making Indians the top 1% ethnic group in America not only in financial terms but also in terms of respect.
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America the land of opportunity

I belong to a family that returned to India after 3 generations of being born and living overseas in Burma (Now Myanmar).

I believe that our parents did the right thing, in returning to India. However, sometimes I have questions, particularly when I look at and compare our lives with those of friends and relatives who emigrated overseas.

Many started from humble beginnings, and some also went there as qualified engineers, doctors etc. Though some have faced challenges in their personal lives, all have prospered materially.

The ones that emigrated to America have achieved the greatest success and made the most progress. Many of them tell me that starting from scratch they succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.

As a cousin said, "America is indeed a land of opportunity".