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Trump's Title X Rule - Abortion is not family plan
By:Carl Paladino, NY
Date: Thursday, 24 May 2018, 9:21 pm

Trump's pro-life speech last night and his defunding Planned Parenthood by enacting Title X got me right in the heart! Wow!

Title X was passed by Reagan and challenged in court. Reagan won but it was never enacted. All Trump had to do was enact it! Until that happened, Congress and subsequent Presidents could continue to allow money to be funneled for abortions. Trump finally did what no other President had the nerve to do. We love this President more and more every day!

WASHINGTON EXAMINER EDITORIAL BOARD: Pulling the Subsidy Plug on Planned Parenthood

“President Trump’s action last week, barring Title X family planning funds from programs and facilities that perform abortions, is thus entirely right and reasonable … In theory, Title X money cannot pay for abortion as a form of family planning. But it has long been misinterpreted to require recipient programs at least to refer women to abortionists. Trump’s change at last ends this, going back to the law as it is written rather than as the abortion industry and its advocates wish and pretend it to be.”