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Re: Blind nation
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Wednesday, 23 May 2018, 3:25 pm
In Response To: Blind nation (Muhammad Rafi. UK)

In The Philosophy of Alfarabi, Al-Farabi says the following:-

In the model state there must be a hierarchy of rulers coming under the control of a supreme head or prince. This prince, head of the model state or of the whole earth, must possess certain traits: great intelligence, excellent memory, eloquence, firmness without weakness, firmness in the achievement of good, love for justice, love for study, love for truth, aversion to falsehood, temperance in food, drink and enjoyments, and contempt for wealth.

All these traits must be found in one man alone placed in charge of directing the complicated machinery of the state. In case all these traits cannot be found in one man alone, then inquiry should be made to determine whether there are two or more who possess the required traits jointly. If there are two, they should both rule the model state. If there are three, then these three should rule. If more are needed, more should rule.

Azizam says: you can have as many numbskulls as you want but they will never add up to one good man.
When will Pakistan learn that they only get what they vote for and hence deserve.

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