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FASTING / Your location?
Date: Wednesday, 23 May 2018, 2:43 am

We have come across "Kulu wa Ashrabu" almost eight times at different occassion in Quran i.e.

2:60 When Moses strikes on the rock water gushes out to "Kulu was Ashrabu" of the people in need. There need was only drinking hence expression "Kulu wa Ashrabu" may mean satisfy thirst and enjoy.
2:187 As Allah was aware of deception/disobedience durining night of fasting and eventually permitted to go to your wife and to consort as ordained by Allah. Hence the time-frame ( white thread distinct from black) for "Kulu wa Ashrabu" may mean again to gratify couple. It may not be to eat and drink whole night. As you are not permitted socialise same during - Akifuna- in Masjid ( a place of gathering)
7:31 Children of Adam (Human-being)can enjoy/be pleased in the Masjid ( place of gathering) with decent dress without exceeding bonds with extravagence. (In mosque we dont go for "kulu was ashrabu"/resaurent.). Hence decent presentation in Masjid for Children of Adam (human-being) is recommended for satisfaction and enjoy.
19:26 Mary - whilst delivery was provided with food/water (water and ripe dates) to quench her need (kulu / ashrabu) against exersion of labor, but was advised to abstain (saum) from discussing birth.
52:19-20 In hereafter the righteous will be rewarded with reclining couches and matching companions ( Hurs) and thus to enjoy and satisfy the righteous. ( Frankly the virtuous may not like couches and hurs as it was their distancing from luxury made them righteous in the world - hence it appears to be disappointing)
69:24 In hereafter (paradise) the righteous will be rewarded with fruits and garden for good deeds to enjoy and be satisfied. (Hardly any God-fearing believer in the world are used to rich/nourished sustenance but nutriment deeds). Hence "kulu wa ashrabu" may be phrase for righteous to be their ways to enjoy and satisfy).
77:43 Righteous will be blessed / provided with similar worldly splendour of shade, garden and anything desired for their deeds. Hence they will be content but mention of 'Kulu wa ashrabu" may be idiom for expression of contenment.

To conclude only non-eating/drinking for fasting based on verse No. 2:187 is not irrefutable.

You will read verse No: 2:183
2:183 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Abstinence is prescribed for you as it was prescribed to nations before you so that you benefit from this training, and get empowered to walk aright.

From above verse, it is not clear how many days and what way previous nation fasted. It appears that former people even fasted (remained hungry from food) for few days to continous 40 days) and reasons for fasting by Jews and Christian and other people and prophets are varying. This is not explicit in scripture/Quran. Only the purpose of fasting to be Muttaqi (righteous) in above verse.

However Quran is clear as to when to fast and how many days ( and it may be in Ramadan):

2:196 - 10 days in case of breach of rituals during Haj.
5:89 - 3 days in case of breach of your oath.
58:4 - 2 two consecutive months in case of Zihar ( divorcing wife declaring her mother in pre-Islamic era)
4:92 - fasting two consecutive months for killing intentionally.

If two months are clearly mentioned why not one month of Ramadaz except few days of fasting. Hence there is no unquestionable assertion from Quran for fasting whole month of Ramadan. Quran prefers fasting but have exemption by feeding hungry/clothing poor/ freeing slave are evident, in case the method of former generation are not consistent.

Following verses translation below from QEXP for reference:

2:184 Just a certain number of days. But, if any of you is sick or is traveling, the number of days should be made up later. For those who can go through Abstinence only with hardship, there is compensation, the feeding of an indigent. Any additional charity will mean additional reward. However, if you knew better, the training course of Abstinence is good for you.
2:187 It is Lawful to go to your wives on the night of the Abstinence. They are your garments and you are their garments - close to each other, source of mutual comfort, complementing each other, trustworthy and keepers of privacy, reason for decor, and redressers of faults. ('Libas' embraces all the meanings given). Allah turns to you in Kindness and dispels and pardons your unworthy fears of disobedience at night. Freeing yourselves of misconceptions, keep seeking in life that Allah has decreed to be available for you. So, eat and drink until the white line of dawn becomes distinct for you from the black line of night. Then you shall be in Abstinence until night begins to fall. During this training program, some of you will be called on deputation in local Centers of the Divine Order. (This will be an assignment from the State. During that special duty you will learn, consult and plan the governmental and social affairs). So you will have to divert your attention from personal matters, even from intimately touching your wives. These are the limits imposed by Allah, so overstep them not. Thus it is that Allah explains His Messages to mankind that they may walk aright.

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