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Blind nation
By:Muhammad Rafi. UK
Date: Tuesday, 22 May 2018, 8:52 am

*Bilawal Zardari's Interview*

-Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

All those going gaga over Bilawal Zardari's interview need to get their heads checked.

Expecting a halfway dimwit 25 year old near suspect gender idiot to lead this country, really needs to see a doctor.

I'm talking especially of those in the PPP and outside, educated, aware, well read. Former newspaper editors, journalists, newspaper anchors, political leaders, businesspeople, academics, analysts, owners of private equity funds, think tanks analysts etc.

I dare anyone of them to hand over their businesses, their wealth to this moron, if they have so much faith in his brilliance. These are the kind of people who would support a North Korean dictator or sell their soul because like vultures they want to live off the carcass that they want Pakistan to become.

If this biological absurdity had not been born to Benazir would anyone even have known he existed? Would you even have given him.a second look? You shame yourself and your families, your intellect and your soul by falling to such obscenely low depths and suck up to this kid! Shame on you!

You promote....

A person whose sole claim to fame is biology.

A person who hasn't done a days work in his stupid perverted privileged life.

A person who cannot ever understand what Pakistani politics is except what he's been tutored to say.

A person you wouldn't trust with your garden, your kitchen, your house, your car, your business, your wealth, even picking up your damn trash, is being trusted to lead one of the most challenging countries in the world.

Shame on us bloody morons, imbeciles, dimwits who think this idiot holds any hope.

Look what this family has given Pakistan. Dismemberment.
Economic destruction.
Educational destruction.
Ethnic violence.
Unbridled corruption
Asif Zardari.
And now a near ???????.

For God's sake people have a bloody heart!!

*And if there are any plans by any institution, be it the Army or any other, attempting to cut a deal with Zardari to bring him and Bilawal into power, let me warn you loud and clear that the Pakistan Army rank and file, especially it's younger officers who bury their comrades and their jawans everday will not have it, will not accept, and the Army and the Country will face the consequences of their anger. Be warned!*

If you can't sort out the bloody mess this country is in, don't make it worse!

*Enough is enough!*

-Haider Mehdi

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