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Re: Most U.S. Muslims observe Ramadan
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Sunday, 20 May 2018, 5:51 pm
In Response To: Re: Most U.S. Muslims observe Ramadan (Sidqi, ca)

Fasting is prescribed so you may guard yourselves against evils. Is there any causal connection between Ramadan fasting and becoming righteous? Is it not possible to guard against evil without fasting? Why fasting doesn’t have its conclusive impact on society. What is really missing?

Here are some thought. Fasting is prescribed essentially as far reaching goals of self-restraint against vice. Abstinence of food augments consciousness of self control. It attaches itself to higher self awareness toward God consciousness. It includes all abstinence from falsehood, ignorance and lust. It is a means to control Satanic impulse so to nurture life goodness.

But in between God and abstinence comes Moulvi mind. Fasting thus made not a means for higher goal but an end it. Fasting mouth smell is prescribed as fragrance to God, and in lieu of twenty rikah Traweeh God offers huge mansions in heaven with 60,000 golden doors (narrates Tariq Jamil). This makes fasting hunger strike which is political tool to provoke authority to fulfill its demand. This is forcing God to meet demand rather than follow command. Same like hunger strike in front of K-electric managing director’s office for load shedding, but nothing happens without investing in turbine.

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