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Re: verses 32:7-9 (Junaid, Cape Town)
By:A Sayed (South Africa)
Date: Saturday, 19 May 2018, 2:10 pm
In Response To: Re: verses 32:7-9 (Junaid, Cape Town)

The pure WORD OF GOD, whether it is from Qur’an or any other BOOK OF GOD, is a “LIFE GUIDE” to all the people of the world, both secular and religious. It is NOT a “BOOK OF RELIGION”.

Therefore, as “LIFE GUIDE”, the Qur’an is as much critical of “modern science” as it is of Religion and all other belief systems, socio-economical, political and otherwise, which are man-made. This then makes Qur’an, Universal and Post-Modern, not only to “modern science” but to all belief systems in all the compartments of our lives, both in methodology and Revelation.

Hence, in light of the above, surah Al-Kahf is followed by surah Maryam, both defying the “science based” and “evidence based” methodology of modern science by promoting Post-Modern science according to the methodology of ilm-ul-yaqin, ayn-ul-yaqin and haqq-ul-yaqin.

For example, surah Maryam begins by telling the story of Zakariyah. He (19:8), like Sarah (11:72), is ASTONISHED that a barren woman and a frail and infirm man could reproduce a child.

The Messenger of God states that it is not impossible for God to do so.

Hence, the sons of both parents are addressed as sons of their fathers, not sons of their mothers because their mother’s bareness was cured and their fathers fathered them in the normal way, (21:80).

Likewise, Mary is ASTONISHED when she is also given the news of a son, but under a different situation. She said, “How is that possible when no man had touched me”?
(3:47, 19:20).

In Qur’an Jesus is referred to as “son of Mary” 23 times, 13 times as “Jesus son of Mary”, 5 times as “the Messiah son of Mary”, 3 times as “the Messiah Jesus son of Mary”, and once as “her son” (21:91), but not once as Joseph’s son.

Besides, the CREATION (not normal birth) of Jesus (3:59) is compared with the CREATION of First man who was created from “mud molded in shape” by saying “Be, and it is” and breathing His Energy, which God did not do in the case of Isaac and Yahya, (15:26-29).

In addition to this, Allah tells us in the Qur’an, over and over again, that she was not unchaste, and that when she returns home with the baby in her arms she defends herself by “pointing to the babe”, (19:29).

Hence, according to the Post-Modern knowledge of Qur’an, I do not believe in Evolution and likewise I do not believe that Jesus did not have a Virgin Birth.

Best Regards,
AK Sayed (South Africa).

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